2010 Cruise

From ‘The Libretto’ – November 2010


Well the cruise is over and it was a great success for the choir regarding the concerts. We achieved the same response as we did 2 years ago on the Oriana with both theatre concerts resulting in standing ovations. It was a shame that we were not treated the same as 2 years ago and having witnessed the lack of commitment and respect given to Leon and Roy, I must applaud them for all the hard work they did on our behalf.

Siân once again showed her worth when she compered, conducted and played the piano for Eleri. Steve and Shirley Ann were again total professionals (even though they can not tell the time, along with Dave Currie). Eleri added an extra special touch to the concerts. Her singing at times moved you almost to tears. She put the so called Stars and Celebrity on the cruise to shame with her perfect singing (words from a passenger on-board).

Also a big thank you to all the ladies who sold CD’s, badges and calendars.

Please send me your holiday snaps for the Libretto.

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Cruise News

From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

Well they say impressions last and after such a great Annual concert we must have left an impression on Aled and Eleri Edwards (guest artists on the night). They have both decided to join us on the cruise. I know they will be made welcome and be part of the choir family. It will also be good to hear more stories about Shirley-Anne from when she was in school with Aled. We know she was head girl but what else don’t we know. Watch this space…..

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