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  1. Having sung “O Gymru” in a few choirs, I have sung a few different arrangements. The choir I am currently with has the top tenors singing the second verse rather than hum so I wanted to check the words. Looking at your page, I noticed that the end of the first verse in your lyrics section is missing “ngwalia”
    With restrictions now relaxed that 30 can meet outdoors, our choir is able to rehearse together in small groups but cannot wait until we can sing together again to a full audience
    Best regards

    1. In the first verse, the line after Ti sy’n llonni nghalon i should read: Ti yw ‘ngwynfa (according to the version we are learning at Llantrisant Ladies Choir) and the last line of the Chorus in our version is Fy Nghwalia, fy heulwen wyt ti.

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