Race Night

The RACE NIGHT is nearly upon us and sadly, Richard tells us that this will be the last one he is able to organise, so let’s give him a big send off by sponsoring horses and turning up on the night.


This has always been an extremely well supported, popular event which has been a significant fund raiser for the choir for many years, so come and get your tickets from Richard, Ken Cooper or Bob Doggett.


Many thanks to Richard for his huge efforts in organising this event over several years.  It will be a hard act to follow.


If anyone wants to take over the reins from Richard, please let Leon know and he will wrap you up in a winner’s blanket, personally.


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Queen Tribute Band

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We know that many choristers are Queen fans and  just by coincidence we’re currently learning a new piece made famous by the band, so we’re happy to announce that a local Queen Tribute Band is to appear at the Choir Hall on Saturday 3rd March.  The evening starts  from 7-00 pm.  The band is known as ‘They Will Rock You’ and I’m sure they will.  Reports are that this group is really excellent!  Tickets will be available shortly so book yours early because it’s bound to be a sellout.  Tickets are £10 from Ken Cooper or Lyn Gauntlett


Who knows, we could join them on stage with our versions of Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions.  Only kidding! I hope!

Children of Chernobyl

The Victims of Chernobyl Children’s Trust is a Caldicot Charity run by a local couple, that has for the past 23 years funded bringing together a group of children from Belarus to Caldicot for about 6 weeks every summer.


The children all suffer from radiation related illness and many have lost their parents due to the ongoing effects of this disaster.  Medical opinion is that a few weeks of fresh air and uncontaminated food and water can provide a two year boost to their immune systems, helping them to resist or recover from serious illness.  Levels of radioactivity stored in the child’s organs can also fall dramatically in a  one month period.


When they arrive many of the children have only the clothes they stand up in whilst others have been able to borrow clothes for the trip.


Their holidays in Caldicot gives them a warm friendly environment, with fresh air, plenty of activities and good food.  Local organisations and societies host the children for day events and they enjoy such activities as sailing on the Usk, riding model steam trains at Cardiff, barbecues, walks in the forest and even McDonald’s!!


The current economic climate is hitting charities such as this really hard.  The cost of bringing the children over increases every year and the bureaurocracy also increases every year.  Please support this fund raising event and ensure this charitable work continues.


Please left click on the photo below, which shows children from Belarus and their interpreter hosted by the Cardiff Model Engineering Society 2010.


Also the poster, previously shown on this web-site (scroll down to Valentine’s Dance), gives details of a Valentine’s Dance to be held at the Choir Hall in aid of this deserving charity.  Please try to give the JJR trio and Ellen James your full support.


New Year Celebrations

On a filthy, wet, December Saturday night, over a hundred choristers, wives, partners and choir supporters made their way to the Choir Hall, dressed in their finery, in eager anticipation of seeing in the New Year 2012.

While munching away on traditional crisps, dips, sausage rolls and other savouries, the evening began with easy listening entertainment by Bristolian father and daughter duet, Musicians in Black (they’ve previously appeared at the hall as Memory Lane) who presented a popular and wide ranging mixture of genres from popular, country and western including Shania Twain’s ‘It Don’t Impress Me Much’  through to Abba, Tom Jones, Cerys Matthews, rock n’ roll, jive, The Beatles and more.  When they played a selection of 60’s and 70’s music it was enough to get the ladies out of their chairs, leave their white wines behind and cavort around imaginary handbangs, just as they did when they were teenagers (well almost).  They were joined by the men as soon as they had downed their pints and ordered replacements.  No change there then!

At the interval, the Raffle was conducted by Leon and photos of some delighted winners are shown in the photo gallery.  Many thanks to those who donated prizes to raise funds to support the choir’s activities.

The celebrating crowds included a baby boy born on Christmas Eve to Nina and Robert, so let’s hope the experience doesn’t stay with him for a lifetime – he hasn’t even been named yet, but I gather he’s Ron Powell’s grandson.  Maybe he’ll join the choir in 18 years time?  There were lots of broody hens clucking around on the night, so maybe a local baby boom in August/September???

BREAKING NEWS 12th January 2012 – I’ve just learned, to his grandad Ron’s delight that he has been named Rhys Thomas!

Our thanks go to those who set up and cleared the hall afterwards, to Siân Hatton, Dave Gould and Wyn Goodwin for volunteering their superb, friendly service in keeping us all well lubricated from behind the bar; to Ann and Margaret for organising and selling raffle tickets on the night; to Musicians in Black for their lively dance entertainment and most of all to Bob Doggett for organising the evening and selling tickets.

The last Year was left behind and the New Year suitably brought in by singing the traditional Auld Lang Syne, wearing our multiple funny hats and trying to bump into each other across the dance floor.  Why do we do it?   Followed by lots of hand-shakes, hugs and kisses, some from people we didn’t even know, everyone finally left the hall at about 1-00 am, in a happier mood to find it had stopped raining!  Welcome in 2012!


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Lyn   (No apologies for photographic content, it’s all your own doing!  I just press the shutter)

Owen Money Pays Up!



Our social nights go from strength to strength! A full house was treated last night to an raucous evening of laughter and song delivered by  Merthyr born comedian Owen Money (“You know Merthyr – a small town next to Asda”). Fabulous dance music was superbly presented by his accompanying band, The Soul Sharks.


“I was last in Caldicot 25 years ago and you said then you’d invite me back. ‘Ow the ‘ell do you find this place? And where do you park?”


“The largest sauna I’ve ever played in” and the “Last time I saw curtains like that, reminds me of  the last time I saw my Uncle George” was how Owen somewhat unfairly but humourously, described the Choir Hall before opening with an hilarious description of his home town, describing the Gurnos estate and its new airport in Merthyr (“So you live on an estate? asked Prince Philip.  How’s the shooting?”) and a sponsored mountain walk up ‘Kill a man for his giro’.  This was followed up by a caustic comparison of South Wales local accents;  Newport -“Let’s Fight!”.  Carmarthen – starts off fast then slows down…………..


Owen now lives in Porthcawl where he warned “Don’t fall down in the winter in Porthcawl, there’s no-one there young enough to pick you up” and smoothly moved on to comments about the ‘Woodentop’ English Rugby team management, followed by a reminisce of ‘The Flowerpot’ men and their relationship with ‘Weed’ and the drug problem in Merthyr (“I’ve never had any problem”).   On then to the conviction that Martians have invaded and are disguised as traffic cones mating in the Brynglas tunnels, causing traffic chaos as part of the plan to rule the earth.


After warning the photographer (me) not to take any more photos of us or “You’ll be going through the window.  It’s a question of security – Social Security!” he moved on to stories of past romantic encounters:”What’s that noise?”  “It’s my ‘usband” – “You never said you was married!”  “You didn’t ask!”  “Where’s yewer back door?”  “We ‘aven’t got one”   “Where’d you want one!”  – ” How big’s your ‘usband?”  “He’s six foot six and is a black belt in karate in his spare time.”  “How much spare time has he got?”  ” Well he works in Llanwern steelworks!”  He was out of the window and down the drain pipe like a shot, naked – before overtaking two joggers.  “Why are you wearing a condom?”  “Rainin’ when I left the ‘ouse.”


“When I die I want to look dead, like ‘e do over there! I don’t want to die of a salad overdose!”  was his observation on dying before turning off his mate’s life support machine instead of the television. Moving on to the demise of Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Colonel Gaddafi “There ‘s only more more to get rid of – Jeremy Kyle”. When one of the audience said “He’s fab”, Owen responded with ” Move over by the wall, luv.  That’s plastered as well”.  The progression through jokes about Gypsies in Dale Farm, Gypsy weddings (tarmaccing as they went along) and how he had 8 bed wetting sisters and didn’t know what it was like to sleep on his own until he got married was met with continuous eye-watering laughter. ” I could swim before I was two!  I told my Mam I wanted to sleep down the shallow end.”


Then finishing with his ‘true’ story of Andy Powell and the Golf buggy incident down the M4 after the Scotland match two years ago – Police warned him “Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good times.  Blame it on the Buggy!”


During the interval, the Annual Draw was made by our President, Mr Richard Evans, ably assisted by Bass chorister John Jones.

Winning tickets and names are:

1st Prize:     £500            No. 0410     P. Chapman

2nd Prize    £100             No. 1969     D. Taylor

3rd Prize:     £50              No. 0603    C. Evans


The audience was then treated to more than an hour of a fabulous dance mix of swing, pop and rock music superbly played and sung by the Soul Sharks and once again everyone left tired but enthusing about a wonderful night’s entertainment.


Our next Social Event will be the New Year’s Party with Musicians in Black.  Book your tickets early through Bob Doggett.


Photos by Lyn




Our New Year’s Eve Party this year to celebrate the arrival of 2012 features MUSICIANS IN BLACK, a Bristol based, father and daughter duet.


The duet has appeared at the choir hall before and proved extremely popular.  This talented pair play a wide range of classical, pop and contemporary dance music which is bound to please all ages.


Tickets are available to choristers and their families in the first instance from Bob Doggett on a first come, first served basis, so book your seat placings early.  Demand is bound to be HUGE.

All proceeds to Caldicot Male Voice Choir.  More details to follow:-

What a Night with Red Mick!

Red Mick, possibly the only tribute artist in the U.K. to Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) gave a superbly polished performance which enthralled and excited an audience of over 140 at the choir hall last night (Friday 28th October).  Not only did Red Mick present an accurate image of  Mick Hucknall but he emulated his voice and mannerisms so precisely that we thought it was Mick himself on stage.  He opened the show with Night Nurse (from the It’s Only Love Album) complete with dancing lights and floating smoke and while the audience were enthusiastically involved in the hand-clapping participation of  ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’ , puzzled smiles were raised when the smoke alarms decided to join in.  Unfortunately not in the same rhythm or pitch.  No more simulated smoke at the choir hall in future, then.   Leon sprinting to turn the alarm off was a sight to remember; he doesn’t even answer his mobile that quick!  Unperturbed, Red Mick carried on with consummate professionalism.


We were treated to over one and a half  hours of spectacular light-show backed, live entertainment containing not only many of  Simply Red’s classic hits including Fairground, Holding Back the Years, The Air That I Breathe, It’s Only Love, For Your Babies and You Make me Feel Brand New but also to an immaculate medley, in his own unique style, of  hits by Queen and others.  Each of the two performances were filled in by a very danceable Discotheque arranged by Red Mick himself.


Birthday tributes were also paid to choristers John Wyson and Ray Needham (ages undisclosed).  Fair to say, all the audience of a wide range of ages from 16 to 80 and beyond thoroughly enjoyed the evening and left the choir hall, many exhausted from over-enthusiastic dancing aerobics,  just before midnight knowing that they had been through a special night.  For many, the evening brought back fond memories of  romanticism from the 80’s and 90’s and for others it was a totally new experience which proved that music existed long before Garage, House, Hip-hop and Rap.




Caldicot Male Voice Choir looks forward to organising many more such events in the future.  Take a look at our SOCIAL pages for details of our next event; the extremely popular, Welsh comedian Owen Money (with the Soul Sharks) on November 26th.  On New Year’s Eve we present Musicians in Black – details to follow.  If you have any opinions to express on last night’s show or suggestions for the future, please left click on the Comment tag below and leave your thoughts with us.

Pixie Perez

What can one say?  OOh!  What CAN one say?  He came in as Gary, albeit half an hour or more late and left as Pixie after entertaining most of the sixty or so audience at the Choir Hall last Friday.  It was clear many of the audience knew what to expect and some obviously didn’t, as Pixie, resplendant in a huge, outrageous black wig and gold and black, sort of see-through, skin-tight dress, with ‘her’ mixture of cabaret songs, bawdy humour and cutting insults set about raising a few laughs amongst us.  Perhaps, not intentionally, losing her wig during an energetic bit of prancing about may be considered by some as the highlight of the evening, but others appeared to enjoy the show.  One lady was more than a little miffed at the direct insults and comparison to Myra Hindley but another took it in good heart when her hairstyle was compared to Shaun the Sheep.  Other references to sheep are best left unsaid.  Maybe a bit over the top for Caldicot tastes?  Another (skinny bitch!) who got up and tried to dance  with Pixie was asked if she’d come in drag?  Clearly a rival on the night but I don’t think she understood the question!  Never mind, I’m sure Pixie has had worse treatment, but Caldicot will take a longer while to recover.


Returning to Gary, many may not know that he trained as a classical pianist at  The Welsh School of Music and Drama (we know somebody else who trained there, don’t we?), is a professional piano teacher and said he would be delighted to play with us sometime.  Maybe, so long as he sticks to just tickling the ivories. 

By the way, I couldn’t get a decent picture on the night because Pixie didn’t get close enough to the camera, she knew it was there.  Shame, the dress was stunning!


Social Nights

Coming to the Choir Hall soon – for more details click on images.