Country & Western Night

From ‘The Libretto’ – May 2010

A great time was had at the Country & Werstern night. The night was made even better as most people dressed in western clothes.

The music was brilliant and even if you didn’t like Country & Western music you could not help but get up and line dance. On the downside there were only 40 people there, and out of that 40 there was only 14 choristers. We put this down to it being a bank holiday. The fund raising committee are trying to raise funds for the whole choir and not just the cruise.

Please support the fund raising events whenever you can.

47th Annual Concert

From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

After the glowing response from Siân and the general feeling from around and about I decided to ask two paying members of the audience what they thought of the concert. I told them to say it as it is and not pull any punches.


Both commented how the choir looked wonderful in the suits with the waistcoats underneath. Thought we all looked very smart.



It was ok and a good piece to open with made you sit up.

Liked it. A start of what was to come.

Somewhere Out There:

Loved it, sung wonderfully and made me nearly cry.

Thought it sounded beautiful and sung with feeling.

Alexander’s Band:

Again loved it and got my feet tapping.

Enjoyed it more that I thought I would.

Fields of Athenry:

First time I had heard the choir sing it. Liked it.

Did not like it. To slow and the sound did not travel. Sorry.

Nessun Dorma:

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. Fantastic never heard it sung by a choir, just Brilliant.

Breathtaking. Sung with such emotion and feeling. Made me shiver.

O Gymru:

Enjoyed it and loved Eleri joining the choir.

Great, always enjoy this song.

Martyrs of the Arena:

Did not know the song. It was so powerful in parts thought the walls were going to fall down.

Loved the way the melody changed and the story told. Very moving.

Both thought the first half was very enjoyable and it was great to have two artists this year. Thought Aled was very funny and sang well and Eleri had a wonderful voice. Much better than the screeching from last year. Loved the new look programmes.

African Trilogy:

Brilliant again. Love this piece of music and Jason sings it so well.

Was a great start to the 2nd half. One of them songs that makes you sit up and listen.

Eli Jenkins Prayer:

Beautiful, again sang with feeling that moves you. Always sang well by the Choir.

Loved it. Made me emotional as always. Never heard any choir sing it like Caldicot does.

Tydi A Roddiast:

Not sure on this one. Great ending.

I like it. Fantastic Amen’s.


Another wow moment. I just love the harmonies in this.

Loved it. A simple song that gives out such a beautiful sound.

Rhythm Of Life:

Another great performance. Could not help but tap my feet and sing along.

Thought this was great. Never heard it sung by any choir before.

Sailors Chorus:

To short I could not get into it. Not the best of the night.

Not my cup of tea. Did not like it. Too short.


Loved it. Made you move in your seat.

Thought it was a little short but still made you move your feet.

You Raise Me Up:

Wonderful. Again a very moving piece. Well sung as always.

I love the choir singing this. Brilliant and moving.

Morte Christie:

Great, I love this piece. Ended the night well with the choir and guest singers.

Wonderful, loved it. Was sad it was the last piece.

Overall View:

A great evening out. The choir were brilliant and some songs took your breath away. Nice to have two different guest artists. Best concert for years.

Loved every moment of it. The choir sounded fantastic, the sound was bouncing off the walls. The male and female singers were great. A brilliant evening. Loved Nessun Dorma. Well done to everyone.

Recording Sessions

From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

After the accomplishments of the annual concert I would expect to see the same number of choristers at both recording sessions. As with most concerts the larger the choir! The better the sound! So it is so important to have a large choir.

The music chosen for the CD reflects the diversity of the choir, with a mixture of typical four part harmonies and contemporary songs, whilst keeping alive the tradition of Welsh Male Voice Choir singing.

I feel very excited about this recording, as we are going into a recording studio this time. After the positive comments tht we have had back regarding the Annual concert I feel that it is only fair that we transfer that sound to CD. If that happens we will have a CD of exceptional standard and quality that is be fitting the choir that we are.

I hope that everyone enjoys the experience of making the CD and I just want you to relax and enjoy singing.

Concert: Faringdon 2010

From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

Overall, I thought the concert went very well on Saturday night. It was a difficult venue to perform in due to the layout of the church and the location of the piano for the choir. The choir was very squashed into a small space and the rows were not properly defined. Despite these problems, the discipline was very good and you put on a very good show.

I thought the artiste was superb and I took her address and telephone number for future reference. Th audience thought the choir was fantastic and I had many enquiries about buying CDs. The afterglow was one of the best for a long tiem, and I am sure we’ll be making another trip to Faringdon in the near future. Well done to you all!

Siân Hatton

Cruise News

From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

Well they say impressions last and after such a great Annual concert we must have left an impression on Aled and Eleri Edwards (guest artists on the night). They have both decided to join us on the cruise. I know they will be made welcome and be part of the choir family. It will also be good to hear more stories about Shirley-Anne from when she was in school with Aled. We know she was head girl but what else don’t we know. Watch this space…..

Golf Trip

From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

A brilliant four days of golfing was enjoyed by all that went. A big thank you to Dave Gould for organising the event. T. Shepherd won the overall tournament.

Dave Scott had to leave early due to Ellen being taken into hospital. On behalf of everyone in the choir and all those that know Ellen we wish her a speedy and full recovery.

Race Night 2010

From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

A big thank you to all of you that supported the race night. Once again it was a great success and well organised by Richard Evans. A massive thank you to Richard for the night and all the effort he puts in to it, not only the race night but the Choir in general. Without a President such as Richard the choir would not be in the position that it is, he never wavers in his drive and ambition for the choir. Also well done to the ladies for the buffet and once again the bar staff.

Concert: Annual 2010

From ‘The Libretto’ – March 2010

Date: 6th March 2010

Choir number: 70

I can honestly say that I think this was the best Annual Concert I have ever conducted. The singing was superb and the diction excellent. It was obvious that many choristers had put in the extra work at home learning the Italian and German words for the new songs.

The overall discipline and concentration was faultless. Most wonderful of all was the fact that every single piece was well sung and you seemed to be enjoying the concert yourselves. This feeling was then transmitted to the audience who enjoyed it even more because of it.

It is difficult to pick out individual pieces for special praise as they were all very good, but ‘Somewhere Out There’ was really beautifully sung, with wonderful expression.

Having well-attended rehearsals made a big difference to the performance, so lets keep up the good work and have a wonderful recording in April and continue to have concerts like last Saturday.

Thank you one and all for making the concert such a success. I sometimes think you do not realise how good you really are.

I am always very proud and honoured to be your conductor.

Siân Hatton

The Stage Was Set

From ‘The Libretto’ – March 2010

Annual Concert: What a fantastic night.

On behalf of all the choristers I would like to say a big thank you to Siân, Shirley-Ann, John and Steve for another wonderful programme. To Leon for the staging which made a lot of difference. To Richard Evans and all the vice-presidents for the support they give the choir and to the bar staff at the hall for keeping the queues down. Also a big thank you to the wives and girlfriends who helped with the sale of the raffle tickets and programmes. Also well done to Alan Pearce and everyone else who sold concert tickets.


From ‘The Libretto’ – April 2010

Welcome to our newest member Dave Matthews who is a 2nd tenor. I hope you enjoy the experience of male voice choir singing. Also I would like to say well done to the following new members Ray Needham, baritone (who is due for his final voice test soon), Kevin Jones, bottom bass and John Matta, 2nd tenor. Also a warm welcome to the four new vice-presidents that joined after the annual concert.

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