The Wedding of Camilla & Richard Broome (or how the other half live)

From ‘The Libretto’ – July 2011

What a day! it started off with the bus driver having road rage on the M5 when a car cut him up.

We then arrived at Broadwindsor in glorious sunshine. Judging by all the top hats and tails and elegant dresses and hats you would think we were at Royal Ascot.

The church was packed and we sang 2 songs which were well received by the guests. The sound in the church was brilliant and we should go back and do a concert there.

We then left the church and headed for the reception at the bride’s parents farm.

We got off the bus and John Jones directed the bus driver to park at the top of the field. We were then escorted past the tennis courts that were housed in a huge marquee and onto the lawn at the back of the house. We were offered Pimms and wines a few choristers asked for beer and were given them. The guests arrived and we gathered around the pool and sang about 8 songs. David Broome and his wife led the applause and were overjoyed with our performance.

Then back to the bus only to find the driver had it wedged on someone’s driveway. After 45 minutes we got the bus free only after he had demolished a Cotswold stone wall post, dug up the driveway and ripped up a couple of tree posts.

He managed to get us to the pub where we had free drinks courtesy of Mr & Mrs Broome and some food paid for by the choir.

Then we set off for home, but the driver forgot about the Bristol boys and was heading for the new bridge. We had to go and rejoin the M4 and then the M5 and head back the way we came. This added another 40 minutes to our journey.

Apart from the bus journey a good day was had by all and I am sure we will be asked to sing at Broadwindsor again.

Wedding Marathon for Choir



Press Release

Lisa and Lewis Wedding

Caldicot Male Voice Choir have just enjoyed the honour of singing at three separate weddings during nine summer days.

On 18th June, the Choir was invited to the wedding of Lisa Berry and Lewis Hodge at one of Newport’s ecclesiastical jewels, St. John the Evangelist church in Maindee. Lisa is the daughter of our Accompanist, Steve Berry.

Seven days later, on 25th June, the Choir sang at the ancient St. John the Baptist church in the picturesque Dorset village of Broadwindsor as guests of Camilla Barber and Richard Broome, the son of Gwent show jumping legend David Broome. After the service the Choir sang at a glorious open-air reception party, next to a shimmering swimming pool in the stunning Dorset countryside.

The following day, Sunday, 26th June, the Choir were back on home ground at Caldicot’s magnificent St. Mary’s church for the wedding of Joanna Walters and James Goodwin.

James is the son of our very own Wyn Goodwin, from the bottom Bass section.