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Bishton, 20 May 2011

Caldicot Male Voice Choir at St Cadwaladr's, Bishton 20 May 2011

The fund raising event at Bishton went down very well with the audience, the choir sang to a full house and at the end of each piece of music received loud applause. Musical Director Sian Hatton sang two solo spots and also received a very good response. Shirley Ann James equally played her part as did the music team of Stephen Berry, John Nicholson. The evening ended with the choir and audience singing the Welsh National Anthem together.

Frank Thomas

Gentlemen of the Choir and readers of this site, I would like bring to your attention one particular chorister without whom the concept of putting the choir on the Web some years ago would not have taken place, this gentleman is Frank Thomas (2nd Tenor). His commitment to this has been none other than 101% and always putting the choir first.
Due to ill health Frank has found it difficult to continue with the web site, so I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the choir to thank him sincerely and wish him the very best in his aid to recovery and hope to see him in practice soon.
Secondly the reins of the web site have now been handed over to two gentlemen who are relatively new in the choir but are bursting with enthusiasm, they are Tony Griffiths (Baritone) and Graham Hughes (2nd Tenor). The new web site has been launched this week, it is still in the development stage and much more information is to be collated and added to the site.
It is also giving the opportunity for our supporters, followers and the general public to add comment and any information they require. We will in time be adding our music from our various records, cassettes and cd’s over the last 48 years and hope to publish the latter in cd format.
In closing my thanks to both Tony & Graham for taking on such a task and wish them the very best.

Leon Jones