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  1. I really like that you detail all the words of the songs on your repertoire. I’m sure your members find this useful when learning. This must have taken a lot of work. I happened to look at Eli Jenkins Prayer and noticed a word which is different to manuscripts I’ve seen and used viz

    “Oh please to keep thy LOVELY eye”

    Hope you agree.


    N Wynne Rees

  2. Was delighted to see you have a phonetic version of Myfanwy – it’s our mother’s 88th birthday and this is her favourite song – her dad sang with the Deep Duffryn Aeolean Gleemen and it reminds her of him…she is a Welsh speaker but I’m not, unfortunately, so thank you! I do wish the middle verse was there though. Will just have to do my best with that one 🙂

  3. I must congratulate you on an excellent website. I am an Irishman (77, years old) and currently living in NSW Australia. I am a First Tenor with the”Ku-Rin-Gai Male Choir founded in 1946.

    My best wishes to your choir.


  4. The lyrics option available to choir members is a real bonus. I have printed off a couple of the Welsh songs which the choir haven’t performed recently but are often sung at afterglow.

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