If you would like to support our CHoir by becoming a Vice President, please contact our President Michael Shere-Massey on 01291 430251 for details.

Single membership is £35 and joint membership is £60 each year. Gift Aid can also apply. Your support would be greatly appreciated..

As a Vice president you are enabling the choir to continue its role of promoting Welsh Male Voice Choir choral culture in the Caldicot area and so provide valuable assistance to its charity fund raising.  Thank you.


Kath Barnett

Anne Belcher

Hazel Bennet

Gillian Berry

Philip Blatchley

Esme Bourne

Mr and Mrs David Broome

Mr and Mrs Mike Burke

Ken and Helen Cadogan

Madge Caswell

Mr and Mrs P Cody

Glyn  Davies

Marilyn Davies

Mr and Mrs Christopher Day

Olive Evans

Frances Francis

Colleen Gauntlett

Mr and Mrs Graham Griffiths

Mr and Mrs Stan Griffiths

Sian and Herbie Hatton

Karen Hennesey

Cllr Jim Higginson


Mr and Mrs Derek Holloway

Lesley Isaacs-Penny

Mr and Mrs Kevin Isaacs

Denise Jones

Dilwyn and Sheila Jones

Dr and Mrs P Jones

Meurig Jones

Mark Jones

Margaret King

Philip and Sheila Lawrence

Dr and Mrs Paul Lewis

Beryl Lewis

Mr & Mr Cenydd Livings

Beverley Lloyd

Robert Millar

Mr Alan Moss

Mr & Mrs Philip Mundell

Mr & Mrs Jim Olds

Mr and Mrs Brian Owen

Linda Powell

Phillip Randall

Mr and Mrs Geraint Roberts

Mrs Margaret Ann Sandfield

Dr and Mrs Michael Scott

Mrs Ellen Scott

Mr and Mrs Richard Shorey

Anne Shuck

Tony Snook

Malcolm Tait

Mr and Mrs Stan White

David Whittle

Brigid Williams

Mr and Mrs Eirwyn Williams

Mr and Mrs Kevin Williams

Myra Williams


Honorary Vice Presidents


John Ashcroft

John Callow

Richard Evans

Peter Heslop

Doug King

Bill Nash

Terry Plummer

Ray Smith

Mr David Scott











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