Cllr. Alan Davies

Cllr. J Higginson

Dr John Davies

Mr & Mrs Graham Griffiths

Dr & Mrs M P Scott

Mr & Mrs K Isaacs

Mrs M King

Mr & Mrs R W Shorey

Rt. Hon. Huw Edwards

Mr & Mrs John Davies

Dr & Mrs Peter Jones

Mr Philip Lawrence

Mrs Gillian Kathleen Berry

Mr R Millar

Mr & Mrs C Livings

Miss Siân Hatton

Mr John F Wigley

Mrs Marilyn Davies

Mr Philip Blatchley

Mr T Snook

Mr and Mrs D Holloway

Dr & Mrs Paul Lewis


Mr and Mrs  G Williams

Mr David Whittle

Mrs Olive Evans

Mr Ian Malcom Tait

Mr & Mrs Philip Mundell

Mr Meurig Jones

Mr Brian Owen

Mr & Mrs Alan Moss

Mrs Esme Bourne

Mrs Beryl Lewis

Mr & Mrs J Olds

Mrs Frances Francis

Mr & Mrs Stan Griffiths

Mr Richard Evans

Mr Glyn Davies

Mr & Mrs Mark Jones

Mr & Mrs Kevin Williams

Mr & Mrs Stan White

Mrs  M Williams

Mrs Jean Thomas

Ms. Anne Belcher


Mr Clive Frost

Mrs Margaret Ann Sandfield

Mr & Mrs J G Roberts

Mr & Mrs David Broome

Mr & Mrs Conrad M Heywood

Mr & Mrs Christopher J Day

Mr Philip Lawrence

Mrs Maureen Williams

Mr Islwyn Watkins

Mr Philip Randall

Mrs Kath Barnett

Mrs Anne Shuck

Mr Paul Hudson

Mrs Brigid Williams



Honorary Vice Presidents


Mr Richard Evans

Mr Bill Nash

Mr John Callow

Mr Aldwyn Caswell

Mr Alan Worwood (deceased)

Mr Colin Jones

Mr David Scott

Mr Roy Jones










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  1. Please note that this page is now updated and is as accurate as I can make it with the information available. If you can see a duplication or if I have missed someone, please let me know.

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