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This page is solely for the choir members. It will have information about concerts, bus times, ideas, fundraising, lyrics etc.



  1. The Rose
  2. Pearl Fishers
  3. Psalm 23
  4. O Isis and Osiris
  5. Laudamus
  6. Nidaros
  7. Nessun Dorma
  8. American Trilogy
  9. Juanita
  10. O Gymru
  11. Comrades In Arms
  12. The Lost Chord
  13. Anthem
  14. On The Street Where You Live
  15. March of The The Peers
  16. An Evening Pastoral
  17. Yfory
  18. The Lord’s Prayer
  19. Troyte’s Chant (Eli Jenkins Prayer)
  20. Morte Cristie


  1. Started in 1963
  2. Oldest Active Chorister – Bill Nash (b. 1923).
  3. Youngest Active Chorister – Liam Evans (b.1996)
  4. Longest Serving Active Choristers – John Evans (53 years), David Gould (50 years), Peter Heslop (49 years) and Bill Nash (48 years).
  5. First Concert – Green Lane School 1963?
  6. Biggest Concert Venue – Wembley Stadium
  7. Most Famous Artist performed with – Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras
  8. Longest serving Chairman – Peter Heslop
  9. Worst Concert – Draycott 2012?
  10. Best Afterglow – Wetherspoons 2012?

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56 thoughts on “Members”

    Our first showing is this Friday 13th March @ Caldicot Male Voice Choir Hall

    My thanks to Ron Powell & Dave Hennesey who gave up their time this morning to scaffold ready to install Projector Screen.

  2. A big thank you to all the choristers who who took part in yesterday’s funeral for Owen Howells. Extra thank you for Stephen and Shirley-Ann. It was nice to see a good turn out from the choir for one of the choir’s true gents. A very touching service that pulled on everyones heart strings. Once again, thank you all.

  3. We would just like to add our condolences to the family following the sad passing of Owen Howells, a lovely man.
    Tony and Carolyn

  4. It is with a heavy heart that I write today to announce the passing of 2nd Tenor Owen Howells. As you are all awere Owen was taken ill whilst on tour. He remaind in hospital until his passing, I understand that his family were with him at the time. Owen was a vetern of some years to the choir he was the senior of 3 generations in the choir. He will be sadly missed by us all. Our thoughts and deepest wishes go to all Owen’s family at this sad time.

  5. It was with great sadness that I heard of the death of Jack Virgo, he was a long serving member of the choir for over 40 years.
    Being a relatively new member to the choir and also singing in the same section as Jack he was always ready to help with pieces of music that the choir had song over the past 50 years that were new to me. He will be sadly missed, our thoughts go out to his family at this time.

  6. I was saddened to hear of the passing of top tenor Jack Virgo. Jack had been in the choir for over 40 years, I remember as a child watching the choir practice at green lane and at halftime he would come and have a joke with me.
    He was a real gentleman and stalwart of the choir.
    His talent as a top tenor will be sorely missed.
    I would like to pass on our deepest sympathies to Jack’s family.

    Mark Stocker

  7. A big thank you to all the choristers who took part in last Thursday’s concert. It was a great success in what turned out to be a wet night. I would also like to thank all the music team who played their part with the utmost professionalism. The audiance thought that we were outstanding.
    A good start to 2013.

  8. I would like to say a big thank you to all the choristers who took part in last Saturday’s concert. What an excellent concert, the feed back was tremendous. A knowledgable audience really enjoyed the program . Sian was outstanding, singing, conducting, mc.
    The ladies of the soroptomist society were in complete awe of Sian’s many talents .
    Stephen Berry did exceptionally well playing for the soloist after only a short amount of time of rehersal. I would also like to thank John Nicolson who also played well .
    We are truly blessed as a choir to have such an outstanding team well done to everyone

  9. I have been told this morning, at Chapel, that Ken Bowen has passed away. You may remember Ken, he tried to join the choir but did not pass his test. From there he came to practice and sat out, he was a vice president.
    The funeral will be held at Magor Baptist Chapel on Friday 24 August at 11am, I will attend.

  10. Maintenance day Choir Hall 11th August 2012
    I would like to thank the 13 Choristers who turned up to carry out much needed maintenance work mostly outside and around the ground of the hall but in particular important work on the guttering and downpipes, fitting of new kitchen door and changing lamps high up in the ceiling. For the first time we utilised the Genie single man lift to get at the lights and proved to be a great asset to choir, other work involved cleaning windows inside and out and a good clean in our kitchen. With the kettle on the go most of the day and good hearty bacon rolls a great day, must point out the help from one of our choristers wife Fran Francis for all her help.
    Thankyou one and all.

  11. Hi Ron, you have a valid point and one that has in the past been discussed. I’m sure the web team will take this on board.

  12. Can you not reverse this message setup, so that the last message left is at the top of the page and not at the bottom, and perhaps that messages over a certain age is sent to archive’s


  13. A big thank you to all the choristers who took part in last night concert in Bradford on Avon. The concert went down well with the audience. People were full of praise, and yet again another outstanding performance by our MD Sian, what can be said about Sian’s talent that hasn’t already been said.
    The afterglow went down very well with the organiser Peter West, he was so impressed that he asked us to come back next year. By the way the audience was approximately 250 strong. Well done again all.

  14. I would like to thank all the choristers that took part in yesterday ‘s event at the Mellenium Stadium .
    The after glow was excellent well done all the flag for Caldicot Mvc flew well again .

  15. Please make sure that all of those choristers who are going to sing at the Wales v Baa Baas have checked the bus times and that you have collected your extra ticket for the match.

  16. It was with great sadness that we heard last Thursday of the sudden death of John M Jones. He was a big contributer to the choir and will be missed by all, such a big void to fill. We think of Joy and her family at this trying time.

  17. I’m sorry to be a pain in the backside to you ‘Website Boffins’ but with respect, old chaps; shouldn’t the latest comments be at the top of this scroll down list? Just a thought. I’m off for a nice refreshing Pimms with my breakfast now…..smoked trout and canapes, since you’re wondering.

  18. I would like to echo the comments of Mark Stocker regarding the passing of John M Jones. A ‘natural’ Compere, my abiding memory of John will be the utterly professional way that he discharged his duties as Master of Ceremonies, at the recent Race Night. RIP.

  19. Just an update on Laura Nicholson John daughter, Laura has improved 80% and seems to be on he road to recovery although it is still early days. All our best wishes go to John, Vanessa and family at this trying time.

  20. Excellent concert last night, special thanks to Sian who was outstanding. What a talent to have within our ranks, the two pianists gave a truly professional performance as they always do. They are a credit not only to themselves but to us all. Shirley Ann was also on top form last night.
    As a Choir we are truly blessed with an outstanding and very professional team.
    A big thank you to all the choristers who helped to set out and clear away after the concert your contributions are a big help, thank you all. The first reports back from the audience were very positive.
    Chris Needs and Huw Euron were received with great applause. In all an excellent night.


  21. John Nicholson wrote a letter to committee describing the problems that the music team were having with our keyboard .
    He also gave a costing for a new keyboard, the committee approved expenditure for a new keyboard.

  22. I was disappointed last night with the numbers that stayed after practice, with the bar being open and the web site set up for people to look at and ask questions.
    Perhaps we will try it again to see what sort of take up we get. Come on men lets give this our support.

  23. Hi Gents I think the time for Ron Powell daughters wedding is wrong the wedding is during the day 12 noon is the time that ive been given?

  24. New item on ‘Next Concert’ page – list of the songs that we will be singing at the Annual Concert. These will be linked with the Lyrics so that if anybody is unsure, a chance to brush-up on the words before the concert.

  25. Hi gents update the concert for St Mary,s church in Marshfield Friday 29th June has been cancelled for reasons beyond our control.They have no vicar at the moment. Also the concert in Llanishan commences at 7pm 19th May.

  26. Hi Lyn
    You should enter image 25 into a competition, the one with the hotel appearing through the sea mist. Its brilliant, it really is.

    1. Thanks, Kev. A little flattery goes a long way. This is as it was – no photoshop! I get them sometimes. What about all the handsome blokes in the choir, though. Aren’t they all wonderfully photogenic?


  27. To run a demo in the choir hall, does it have to be live? Could you not download a local version say to a laptop just to run a demo? I think an actual demo run with a projector would be better than leaving a machine connected. It would be a start and I am not sure of the value of a connection in the hall, it would risk being abused.

  28. We will try and get hold of Daffodils for the Senedd concert.
    The Choir Hall does accommodate for wheel chair access and also has toilet facilities, I would recommend that you try and get in early and sit on end table near the door. I will make sure two seats are reserved on this table.
    You’re the first to ask a question on concessions for disabled persons and we would certainly meet this request.

  29. A friend from Chapel has asked me the following questions for our Queen Tribute night

    Can we accommodate a person in a wheel chair
    Are there concessions on ticket prices for such a disabled person along with a career .


  30. If there is a problem with the existing BT line and security of the hall, then consideration could be given for the provision of an additional line initially from BT and then go over to say currently offering £20 per month inclusive of line rental

  31. Vodaphone do a pay as you go dongle for an initial cost of £24.99 allowing 60 days use and then £5 for every 30 days after. Money back guarantee within 30 days.

  32. Gents,
    Totally agree, I have a stick (dongle) that we can try, can either pay weekly or monthly (£15) this can be discussed next week in the web meeting, and then onto the full committee on our recommendation, it certainly is a good idea and has been spouted about before. I can also chase BT & SDG who look after our hall security.

  33. Hi Kevin
    Think this would be a good idea to get the internet into the choir hall – either by broadband or via a stick.

  34. Thanks Lyn
    When I was on holiday in Devon, I took my laptop, I pre purchased a pay as you go internet mobile stick from T mobile, it worked really well, I also used it on the cruise when we were in port.

  35. To encourage fellow choristers to use the website, is it possible to set up an on line computer with say a 19″ separate screen in the hall during practice nights, I am sure this would generate interest

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment

      We’ve thought about this but it would need a Broadband connection at the hall and there are issues with BT, as well as cost. The best I can do is a screen dump of some of the pages to show choristers what’s on there.

    1. Hi John,

      Sorry John, my mistake. The slide show does not appear to work with any touch screen Apple format. It does work with an Archos Arnova G10 however and also with Apple Mac PC’s. I’m told that it’s something to do with licence agreements between Apple and Flashplayer. I know Flash is installed as an App on i-phones etc. but it doesn’t do anything for the slide show on this site. I’ll put all the pictures on the Gallery page so they can be viewed from there. Not ideal but the best we can do at the moment. Can anyone let me know their experiences on other formats of touch screens please?

    2. Hi John,

      Me again. Just checked around a few forums and Wickipedia. It seems that Flashplayer is supported by nearly everyone (Android, Sharp, Logitech, Sony, Dell etc) except Apple i-pads, phones and touches. I think Flash is used for creating videos, but not sure.

  36. Loving the new look guys. Would it be better to have a gallery page for the photos. When I click to view a photo then return to the original page I have to scroll down again to find what I’m looking for. ( this is when I’m on my mobile)

    1. Hi Mark,

      I assume you’re referring to the Home page. The slide show was set up to give a visual impact and changing scene when first opened. This is fine on PC’s, laptops, Macs and tablets such as iPad. However it doesn’t work on phones without Flashplayer or browsers without access to Java script. To get it to partly work (still photos only) causes major problems on laptops. Sorry but no short term answer. However, all the photos in the slide show can be accessed from the NEWS pages. There is a GALLERY page under HISTORY, so I may put all the photos on there so you can see them.


  37. Oh and while I’m at it. ‘Comrades in Arms’ was always loved by the audiences and it doubles up as a fantastic pub song(as does ‘The Song of The Jolly Roger’) These two songs would add to the Afterglow. On a more serious note, ‘La Vergine degli Angeli’, because I’m a big Verdi fan, Sian sings it brilliantly and it always leaves some of the audience in tears(and let’s face it , we don’t want them enjoying themselves too much,do we?). I’d better stop now, before I mention almost everything we’ve ever done. (PS. I was joking about being a Verdi fan)

  38. In regard to the 50th Anniversary Concert; I agree with the ‘Duet of The Pearlfishers’ because it’s a beautiful arrangement and it would be a fitting tribute to the work done for the choir by Richard Morgans. One of my favourites from the past is ‘The Roman War Song’, and lots of people ask for ‘Juanita’ during the afterglows! To finish the concert, why not end with ‘Memories’, because isn’t that what it’s all about? How theatrical is that?? My eyes are welling up just thinking about it!

  39. Well done men this is just what the doctor ordered. Lets hope that the rest of the choir use this. The information that can be put on this page is invaluable. On the notice board in the choir hall I have put up a sheet of paper headed 50th Anniversary you can put on there the song that you would like to be included in the 50th Anniversary concert?

  40. Among the many songs that I have enjoyed singing since being in the choir for the last 9 months, ‘Nidaros’,’Soldier’s Chorus’ and ‘Speed Your Journey’ stand-out for me and would like to nominate them for the 50th Anniversary.
    Maybe we could gather all the nominations and have a vote for the most popular!

  41. Very minor comment on web site. When you click on the drop-down it is very easy to overlook the fact that the top item is still a button as it is also the menu option. I missed the committee page. Not a problem when you know it’s there. John

  42. Great piece of work. The web site really is good.
    Bus times and dress code will be appreciated, I always forget to look!
    Thanks to everyone for their support to the gig on the 10th. I have no more tickets so will have to try and get some from the others selling tickets if more want to come. Two weeks away and looks like sell out already.
    Keep up the good work.

  43. Is this what we are looking for – I hope so, Choristers can now come forward with their comments especially for the 50th Anniversary or more to the point comment on anything.
    Great work Tony.

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