This page lists the Choir’s back catalogue and the opportunity to hear music from its recorded albums.  Excerpts from ‘The Dream Lives On’ album are currently unavailable, sorry.

Here you can enjoy over 2 hours of extracts from the choir’s recordings over the past 34 years.  Can you notice the changes in style and choice of music through the years?  We never forget our Welsh heritage though!

Voices of Severnside    Track Listing: 

  1. Song of the Jolly Roger
  2. Down Among the Dead Men
  3. The Gipsy
  4. False Phyllis
  5. Jacob’s Ladder
  6. Kentucky Babe
  7. Myfanwy
  8. Joy of the Hunter
  9. Bywyd y Bygail
  10. Innsbruck Rhaid Canu Ffarwell
  11. Deus Salutis
  12. Crossing the Plain
  13. Morte Criste
        Sleeve notes (edited):  Seasoned television and radio performers, the choir has won numerous prizes at Eisteddfodau and was the first choir to perform at the new Wembley Conference Centre when it opened in 1977. The choir was seen and heard by millions when it appeared on the BBC Nationwide broadcast from Chepstow Castle on Silver Jubilee Day. The choir’s conductor is Richard Morgans. Pamela Morgan, wife of the chairman is accompanist and assistant conductor and Bethan Rees assistant accompanist. This record made in the new hall of the Music Department of the University of Wales, includes many songs for which the choir is well known, including ‘Myfanwy’, ‘Innsbruck’ and the ‘Gipsy’.

Conducted by:  Richard Morgans   Accompanist:  Pamela Morgan  Asst. Acc.  Bethan Rees

An Enchanted Evening
          Track Listing: 

          Sleeve notes(edited):

             To sing is as natural to a Welshman as it is for him to wake up every morning. To sing in harmony is a further development of that love of music which is inbred in him at birth. To join in song with others is merely an extension of that great natural gift of his. Be it an anthem at “Gymanfa Ganu”, hymn at Cardiff Arms Park, chorus in fellowship at festive occasions, or the meticulous performance at rehearsal and concert, it is always the music that counts and allows the “Taff” to relax and enjoy himself while giving pleasure to others. It is that dual role that this choir enjoys, gratifying themselves and delighting others with the sheer beauty of their song. Music will reveal to listeners the mood and quality of the performer be it instrumental, or of the singer be it conveyed by voice.  My overwhelming feeling when listening to these men of Gwent from Caldicot, is of their musical integrity and their true Welshness.  May you, when listening, echo with me:“The music in my heart I bore, long after it was heard no more.” J.E.V. Fisher


Conducted by:  Richard Morgans   Accompanist:  Pamela Morgan  Asst. Acc:  Bethan Ress

Cor Meibion Caldicot            Track Listing: 

  1. Bryn Myrddin
  2. If I were a Rich Man
  3. Diridonda
  4. La Vergine Degli Angeli Soloist:  Diane Fuge
  5. Dafydd y Garreg Wen
  6. Memory
  7. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  8. Duet from the Pearl
  9. Where Shall I Be
  10. Marina
  11. Suo Gan      Soloist:  Diane Fuge
  12. Roll, Jordan, Roll
  13. Cwm Rhondda
  14. Myfanwy
  15. We’ll Keep a Welcome
             Sleeve notes (edited):


                Côr Meibion Caldicot has recently celebrated its “Coming of Age” having been formed in 1963. This date is closely linked with the opening of the giant steelworks at Llanwern and one could almost call the choir a by-product of steel. Although a young choir by Welsh Male Voice standards, the choir has a record second to none in its class of 41 to 70 voices in competition. In it’s short history the choir has registered many successes including; the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, The Miners’ Eisteddfod and the Kington Eisteddfod, proving it to be one of the foremost choirs in Wales! Most of the choir’s appearances are in aid of charity and it raises thousands of pounds each year for deserving causes. The choir is also in demand by television and radio, one of the highlights being to feature in the B.B.C. Nationwide broadcast marking Her Majesty The Queen’s Silver Jubilee day celebrations. This year, 1985, marks another milestone in the history of the choir, when we make our first tour of the U.S.A. No strangers to travelling, the choir has been on three exchange visits with German Choirs in recent years. This, however, is the “big one” and has involved the officers and committee in an unprecedented amount of work.


Conducted by:  Richard Morgans  Accompanist:  Pamela Morgan  Asst. Acc:  Bethan Rees

Guest Soloist:  Diane Fuge   Recorded at: University College, Cardiff

The Long Day Closes           Track Listing: 

  1. Deus Salutis (Llef)
  2. Laudamus
  3. Calm is the Sea
  4. Take Me Home
  5. Soldier’s Chorus
  6. Pen-Parc
  7. Gwahoddiad
  8. The Lord’s Prayer
  9. Crossing the Plain
  10. Groovy Kind of Love
  11. The Long Day Closes
  12. Mae ‘Nghariad i’n Fenws
  13. Ar Hyd y Nos
  14. Battle Hymn of the Republic
            Sleeve notes(edited):       

                   To listen to a Welsh Male Choir is a truly exciting experience. From the softest pianissimo to a thundering fortissimo every note is a pearl in a treasure chest of sound. Surprisingly, very few choristers have been formally trained to read music and it is only by hard work, and doing what comes naturally to a Welshman that makes a choir’s excellence possible. So has the Caldicot Male Voice Choir, formed in 1963, grown over the years and gone from strength to strength with success on the Eisteddfod field and on the concert stage. Although Caldicot town is situated very close to Offa’s Dyke in probably the most anglicised area of Gwent, the choir has always strived to maintain the culture and traditions of our country. The music of Wales is very dear to our hearts, and a very important facet in our wide variety of songs. In this our fourth recording we feel proud to share this music with you all, and hope that you will have many hours of pleasure in the listening.


Musical Director:  Siân Hatton  Accompanist:  Bethan Rees

Recorded at:  Ebenezer Chapel, Abertillery

MEMORY (1993)
           Track Listing: 


  1. Memory
  2. Llanfair
  3. Slave’s Chorus
  4. De Animals a’coming
  5. Eli Jenkin’s Prayer
  6. O Isis and Osiris
  7. Gen i Farch Glas
  8. Rhythm of Life
  9. Plantation Songs   Soloist:  G. Freeman
  10. Myfanwy
  11. Gwahoddiad
  12. My Lord What a Morning
  13. Love Changes Everything
  14. Softly as I Leave You
          Sleeve notes(edited):


            Thirty years of music, and the Caldicot Male Voice Choir is proud of its achievements over this period. It has always strived to maintain a high standard of performance, be it on the concert stage or Eisteddfod platform. During this period it has been fortunate in having three Musical Directors of high standard. The first, Mr. Ralph Hodges, who was held in high esteem by the choir, and was instrumental in guiding the choir through its initial years. Mr. Hodges was followed by Mr. Richard Morgans, who developed the choir over the years, when it grew from a glee party to a choir which challenged the best in the competition field, and was very successful. Today the guiding hand is the young, delightful, Siân Hatton, who in her own exuberant way is forging her personality on the choir, and developed a wonderful rapport between audiences and the choir.  Siân, steeped in music tradition, is leading the choir into new pastures, spreading its horizons, seeking a very high standard of quality, and at thirty-two years of age, Sian, and the choir, are well placed for the future.


Musical Director:   Siân Hatton   Accompanist:  Bethan Rees

Recorded at:  Swansea BBC Studios

                  Track Listing: 


  1. Amen
  2. Arwelfa
  3. Bring Him Home
  4. Calm is the Sea
  5. Castilla
  6. Eli Jenkins Prayer
  7. I’s Weary of Waitin’   Soloist:  David Gould
  8. Let it be Me
  9. My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
  10. Nidaros
  11. O Holy Night    Soloist:   Siân Hatton
  12. The Anvil Chorus
  13. The Lord’s Prayer
  14. The Wind Beneath My Wings
           Sleeve notes(edited):        

         Singing is as natural to a Welshman as it is for him to wake up every morning, and to sing in harmony is merely a further development of that love he has for music.

Since its inception in 1963, Caldicot Male Voice Choir had always beleived that one day it would have its own concert hall to give it a true identity within the local community.

There have been many false dawns during the intervening years but in 1992 …..the Choir acquired land adjacent to the Caldicot Leisure Centre.  Within four years….. our magnificent choir hall was completed.  It is now fully operational and is used frequently for the benefit of the local community.  The official opening of the hall in September 1996 demonstrated conclusively that our…DREAM IS FULLY ALIVE.


Musical Director:  Siân Hatton   Asst. to Musical Director: J. Wigley

Accompanists:  Meurig Jones and Francesca M Mungovin

Recorded at:  The Choir Hall, Caldicot


The Dream Lives On

                  Track Listing: 

  1. O Gymru
  2. Sinatra Medley
  3. You Raise Me Up
  4. Myfanwy
  5. Deep Harmony
  6. Portrait Of My Love
  7. May You Always Have A Song
  8. Eli Jenkins Prayer
  9. Queen Medley
  10. One Moment In Time
  11. Morte Christie
  12. Rhys
  13. Somewhere Out There
  14. What Would I Do Without My Music
         Sleeve notes (edited):           

          Since its inception in 1963, Caldicot Male Voice Choir has always believed that one day it would have its own concert hall to give it a true identity within the local community.
There have been many false dawns during the intervening years but the members have continued to picture the dream. In 1992, through the generosity of the then Gwent County Council and Monmouthshire Borough Council, the Choir acquired land adjacent to the Caldicot Leisure Centre. Within four years, not only had sufficient funds been raised, with substantial grants from the National Lottery. the Arts Foundation and many other local organisations, but the magnificent purpose built concert hall was completed.
It is now fully operational and is frequently used for the benefit of the local community. The official opening of the hall in September 1996 demonstrated conclusively that our “Dream is Fully Alive”.


Musical Director:  Siân Hatton   Asst. Musical Director:  Shirley Ann James

Accompanists:  Stephen Berry, John Nicholson

Recorded at:  The Choir Hall, Caldicot

One Moment in Time               Track Listing: 

  1. American Trilogy
  2. You Raise Me Up
  3. Llanfair
  4. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
  5. Somewhere Out There
  6. Tydi a Roddaist
  7. Marina
  8. Fields of Athenry
  9. Rhythm of Life
  10. As Long as I Have Music
  11. The Lord’s Prayer
  12. African Trilogy  Soloist:  Jason Dawe
  13. O Gymru    Soloist:  Tom Hole
  14. Bohemian Rhapsody
  15. Nessun Dorma
          Sleeve notes (edited):      

Following extensive UK travel, it was a natural progression for the choir to travel and perform on the European Continent and beyond. Tours were arranged to Holland, Germany, the U.S.A. and Canada. In 2008, to mark its 45th anniversary, the choir embarked on its’ first cruise around the Mediterranean, performing on the P & O ship Oriana, and in 2010 another P & O cruise is planned to the Canary Islands on board the new ship Azura.
As Ambassadors for Wales the choir has represented institutions such as Visit Wales, and has performed at Wembley stadium with the Three Tenors on the occasion of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.
The choir has embraced the new field of corporate entertainment, and is a regular visitor to the Celtic Manor Resort, performing at prestigious events such as the dinner to celebrate the 60th birthday of Welsh sporting legend, Gareth Edwards. 


Musical Director: Siân Hatton   Asst. Musical Director: Shirley Ann James

Accompanists: Stephen Berry, John Nicholson

Recorded at:   Acapela Studios, Pentyrch, Cardiff


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