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  1. Joyce Bellinger LRAM

    Past accompanist

    My aunt, Joyce Bellinger, who was previously accompanist for the Caldicot Male Voice Choir and the Garndiffaith Gleeman, has passed away at 96 years. She is the last of her family line. She played her Bosendorfer grand piano daily until she donated it to the Royal College of Music in 2005, before she went into residential care in 2006. Even them, She still played a very old piano and eventually a Yamaha electric piano ( on the ‘grand ‘ setting) with headphones!

    Joyce was a gifted pianist and singer who went to London at 17 on a scholarship to the College of Music to train as a Contralto. She became very ill and had to return home after a major operation that stopped her singing career. She then took LRAM as a pianist. She trained as a Nursery teacher during the war. She taught in Persia after the war for the Anglo Iranian Oil Company for a couple of years. She was the Director of Kimberley Nursery at Malpas in Newport for 25 years; this was the first purpose built Nursery building in Wales She never married and lived with and looked after her parents in the family home at Ronald Road, St Julian’s, in Newport. When they died she moved to a house in Cwm Lane , High Cross, where she still lived until 2006. She played her Bosendorfer piano daily. She had many interests. These included concerts in UK and abroad ( her favourites were Schubert lieder with Fischer –Dieskau and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf,; and Kathleen Ferrier,) and she had an excellent hi-fi system., She kept close friends from her early years in teacher’s college, She read about and pursued various spiritual interests including Quakerism. She stayed active, gardened hard and, at nearly 80, won an award for her regular swimming. She remained emphatically independent as far as she could to the very end.

    I am privileged to have been supported by her love in a very special relationship. Even though living in Australia since 1982, I saw her once or twice most years, when I worked with colleagues in paediatrics, education and parent groups in UK.
    Joyce exemplified Barenboim’s words: “A life without music is impoverished.”
    Thank you for being part of my aunt’s rich life.

    She will be cremated at Gwent Crematorium on Tuesday March 3 at 11.30 a.m.

    Paul Hutchins AM

  2. What a fab evening tonight. Thank you so much all of you for another great performance for the 2nd year running. I managed to get to the church tonight before doing the bar at the lodge for you all. Really was a pleasure and hope to see you again next year . . . Much love to you all . . . Karen.

  3. Hello
    Is there any way that I can buy a copy of “An enchanted evening” preferably on disk. I was given the LP a long time ago by Colin Gearon who was a member of the choir in the early 80’s. It has always been a favourite of mine but the LP has long since disappeared after living in Australia for several years and then back to the UK. I would really appreciate getting a copy of this recording.
    Many thanks
    Frank Turner

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