Slightly photoshopped to enhance. No apologies. Sad that the compere, Dean Powell passed away in 2023.
At the Albert Memorial May 19th 2018
Rhydian Jenkins as guest artiste


* Choristers yet to pass second voice test

In Memoriam

Sadly, Bass chorister John M Jones and Baritone Bill Thomas passed away during 2012 and 2nd Tenor Giovanni (John) Mattia, top tenor Jack Virgo, 2nd Tenor Frank Thomas and Bass chorister Owen Howells passed away in 2013.

Long serving Honorary vice president and second tenor Ken Gibbs sadly passed away on July 23rd 2015

Second tenor Doug Taylor died suddenly after a short illness on January 8th 2017 and retired chorister Allen Worwood passed away on January 30th 2017

Sadly, long serving baritone for nearly thirty years, Theo Roberts passed away on 24th April 2017 We were all saddened to learn of the sudden death of top tenor Roland Bennett on April 7th 2017. The choir was honoured and proud to sing at a memorial service held in his memory at Caerwent church on September 5th   Also in 2017 Choristers Malcolm Reed (12th Sept.) Roy Jones (4th October), retired chorister Aldwyn Caswell (28th September) also passed away   Tragically on January 10th 2018 we learned of the sudden death of Bass chorister John Wyson.

We also mourned the loss of retired long standing Chorister David Scott in 2020.

The Choir is saddened to record the deaths of retired long standing choristers Granville Sherborn in December 2020 and John Callow in August 2021. The Choir also mourned the losses of choristers Wyn Goodwin and Mervyn Roberts in October 2021.

The choir is saddened to have lost two outstanding and retired long service choristers Larry Lynch and Vince Edwards in June and July 2022

New Members

We are thrilled to have welcomed twelve new choristers during 2013:-  Top tenors David Price, Stephen Edwards, Peter Williams, Frank Wells, John Antell and Garry Veale; 2nd tenors Stefan Edwards, Russell Woodward and Lee Rees; Baritones Craig Howells and Phil Cody and Bass Paul Carlson.

In 2014 we are pleased to have welcomed another twelve new members; 2nd tenor Gary Smith,  baritone Scott Daviestop tenor Robert Stallard, 2nd tenors George Boswell, Andrew Cox and David Woolnough2nd basses, David John, Chris Nolan,baritone Andy McDonnell and top tenors, brothers Nick and Nigel Antell who join their brother John and Dylan Balgobin.  Regrettably, due to many other commitments, David John, Jason Dawe, and Garry Veale have decided not to continue with the choir.

Recruitment in 2015 started in April with the introduction of 2nd tenor Robert Baldwin.  In May we were joined by baritones Harry Giblin, Sam Atkins and Liam Evans and top tenor John Searle.  Let’s hope for many more to come. Regrettably bass chorister Kevin Jones has left the choir for personal reasons and tenor Frank Wells has left to pursue pastoral work in Egypt. Aldwyn Caswell, Phil Cody and David Woolnough have retired on medical grounds. Dylan Balgobin has left the choir due to other commitments. Aldwyn was presented with the Choir’s Lifetime Achievement Award and endowed as an Honorary Vice president at the Annual Concert in 2015.

Following the Annual concert in April 2016 the choir has recruited four new members in 2nd tenors Alan Loy, Richard Loy, Baritone Darren Lloyd and Bass Stuart Parry.  Regrettably, we are saddened that Doug King has retired from the choir on health grounds.  Doug was presented with the Choir’s Lifetime Achievement Award and endowed as an Honorary Vice president at the Annual Concert in 2016.  Also in 2016 former Bass chorister Richie Llewellyn announced that he will shortly be moving to the Isle of Man.  

Our latest recruits are baritone Chris Richards who joined us in July 2016.  He has since been joined by even more in baritone Mark Antell, brother of tenors John, Nick and Nigel, 2nd tenor Andy Friedman, top tenor Bob Hillier and basses  Peter Fagan and Oliver Edwards joining in September and October.  Richard Loy has informed us that due to work commitments and distance he is unable to continue with the choir but new recruit Oliver Edwards brought along his friend Nathan Smith who joined us as a top tenor. This incredible recruitment of ELEVEN new members since April maintains our numbers, despite retirements and moves away up to an amazing NINETY.  The Choir is also delighted that after an absence of over three years, top tenor Kevin Bajjada has returned to the choir.  Nathan Smith and Bob Hillier have decided that they are unable to commit to the choir.

Recently new second tenor Maurice Penny, who joined us in January passed his second voice test and becomes a new member in March 2017. Maurice has since left the choir to join Chepstow MVC. Second tenor Paul Priest who joined in March 2017 and bottom bass Colin Hart who joined us in April 2017 both passed their second voice test in June.

Sadly, we have been informed that bass chorister for well over 30 years, David Scott has decided to retire from the choir at the end of 2016.  He will be greatly missed and we all wish him well for the future. David was honoured with the award of a Lifetime Achievement Award and Honorary Vice Presidency at the Annual Concert in 2016.  We are also saddened to learn of the sudden death of 2nd tenor Doug Taylor who died after suffering a long illness on January 8th 2017.  Doug had also served several years in the choir many of which were spent running the 200 club and acting as welfare officer for the choir.

We were devastated to learn of the death of long standing baritone chorister Theo Roberts on 24th April 2017.  Theo was a stalwart of the choir for over 30 years, always a willing helper at all our events.

Due to ill health and other personal circumstances, it was announced on April 27th 2017 that second tenors George Boswell and Lee Rees have retired from the choir.  Choir numbers in September 2017 are now 82 choristers eligible to sing at concerts.  Also we are sad to announce that due to ill health, long serving baritone of 19 years service and former PRO, John Ashcroft has decided to retire from the Choir. Both baritone of over 12 years Allan Saye and bass chorister of well over 25 years, Terry Plummer have also decided to retire on health grounds.

On Tuesday 12th September 2017 the choir received the sad news that long-serving tenor for nearly forty years, Malcolm Reid passed away after suffering a long battle with cancer.  Despite his illness, Malcolm maintained his attendance at rehearsals and concerts until his recent admission to hospital.

On Monday 5th October 2017 the choir were told that after a prolonged illness bass chorister Roy Jones passed away.  Roy had recently been presented with a lifetime achievement award after 40 years of outstanding commitment to the choir.  Retired chorister and ex-chairman Aldwyn Caswell also passed away on September 28th 2017.

2018 started with the news that due to ill health 2nd tenor Ron Palmer retired from the Choir. Ron was a chorister for about 15 years, many of those as Treasurer and he took great pleasure and pride in collecting all sorts of memorabilia to archive for the Choir’s history.

On 10th January we tragically received the news that Bass John Wyson suddenly died at his home. John’s funeral on 2nd February 2018 at Caldicot Catholic Church was attended by over 50 choristers who also sang Gwahoddiad and Llef at Langstone Crematorium.

On April 9th we were saddened to learn of the death at the Royal Gwent Hospital of long-serving chorister of over 53 years, Colin Jones.

However, since the start of the new year, we have recruited a second tenor in the form of Ron Ashton who recently moved from Bristol to Caldicot. Ron switched to Chepstow MVC in 2021.

We were saddened to hear of the death of retired chorister Doug King on Monday 20th September 2018.  Doug had served about 40 years with the choir before his retirement three years ago.

Regretfully, Bass chorister John MacCarthur has informed us that due to continuing ill health and the distance from Coleford to Caldicot he is unable to continue with the choir.  Long-serving chorister and one-time committee member he will be missed.

We were joined in September by new chorister, second tenor  Alasdair Stewart. Alasdair has now passed his second voice test in January. In November we were joined by baritone Peter Hewett who passed his second voice test in March 2019.

Recently retired chorister, Larry Lynch was presented with a lifetime Achievement Award and conferred as an Honorary vice president on November 19th 2018. Unfortunately ill health prevents him from continuing actively with the choir.

Due to work commitments top tenors Nick and John Antell resigned from the choir in January 2019.

At the Annual concert on April 6th 2019 Mervyn Roberts was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award and was conferred as an Honorary Vice President.

At the same concert Baritone Chorister David Gould was presented with a certificate and gold lapel badge to commemorate his fifty years of continuous service to the choir.

In January 2020 we have learned that long standing top tenors Granville Sherborn and Brian Press can no longer serve the choir due to ill health, Brian has also moved to Bridgend. Both served the choir for well over 30 years and will be greatly missed.

On March 2nd 2020, the first of the four potential choristers who walked in through the door during January, bottom bass Nigel Keen passed his second voice test to become a full member of the Choir. Nigel is professional musician (flute) so his knowledge of music made his task much easier.

Unfortunately the Choir had to shut down on March 20th due to the Corona Virus pandemic and the new recruits will have to wait until the choir re-opens to take their second voice tests. During this time we are saddened to learn of the deaths of retired choristers Davey Scott and Granville Sherborn.

During the pandemic shutdown choristers Vince Lewis and Tommy Hole announced their retirement. Sadly Vince passed away in July 2022. Also retired chorister Larry Lynch passed away in July.

In July 2021 Bill Nash and Peter Heslop were presented with certificates and gold lapel badges in recognition of 50 years continuous service with the Choir. Chorister Wyn Goodwin was also presented with a certificate and lapel badge following his 25 years service to the Choir.

In September soon after his presentation for 25 years continuous service, Wyn Goodwin passed away. This was followed in late October by the death of long standing chorister and former treasurer Mervyn Roberts.

Top tenor Nigel Antell has announced that he is retiring from the Choir.

The Choir is thrilled to welcome bottom bass Mark Campbell who passed his second voice test at practice on February 7th 2022. Mark is the first recruit for almost 2 years because of the pandemic. Congratulations also to Bass Andrew Yearsley who passed his second voice test on 21st March 2022.

Bottom Bass Paul Carlson has retired from the choir in March 2022 since he has moved to Porthcawl.

Congratulations to Wayne Phillips who passed his second voice test on 7th July 2022 to join the second tenors and attended his first concert at the Newport Yemini Welsh Festival in August 2022

Pleased to announce that Stephen Cadogan passed his second voice test to join the baritones on 26th September 2022. Stephen had previously been a member of other male voice choirs so this was an easy step. However Stephen has resigned from the choir in February 2023 due to personal circumstances. Also pleased that baritone Nick Dance also passed his second voice test in December 2022.

Baritone Rob Brown tendered his resignation in December 2022 due to over-riding other commitments. Rob had recently been awarded a long service certificate for completing 25 years with the Choir..

At the Annual concert in 2023 Leon Jones was presented with a well deserved Lifetime Achievement and Honorary vice president Award for a long standing contribution to the choir and the choir hall.

The Choir is delighted to welcome new members Paul Light, Matthew Johns, Owen Johnson, Keith Gibbs, Adrian Hallworth who passed their first voice tests in January and Stephen Hawkes who passed his first voice test in February. We also welcome back top tenor Ben Walker on his return after an absence of 3 years due to work commitments.

On 27th March 2023, Paul Light, Matthew Johns and Owen Johnson were presented with a certificate and choir tie in recognition of their passing the second voice test to become full members of the choir.

On 13th May Adrian Hallworth was presented with a Certificate in recognition of his passing his second voice test and on 22nd May bass Stephen Hawkes passed his second voice test. Bass chorister Shaun Clarke and top tenor Paul Davies joined in late July. In the same year bass Andrew Yearsley passed his second voice test.

On 17th August new baritone chorister Kevin Evans passed his second voice test to become a full member of the choir and made his first public appearance at the Anniversary Concert.

Congratulations to new bass chorister Shaun Clarke for passing his second voice test on 2nd October 2023. The tenth this year.

The Choir was thrilled to welcome Olivia Dance as principal accompanist on January 8th 2024.

The whole choir is saddened to learn that baritone chorister Harry Giblin passed away after a short illness at the Heath hospital on Monday 5th February. A lovely man, great character and loyal chorister since 2015.

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