Michael Shere-Massey John Nicholson
President Chairman
Lyn Gauntlett 1
Ken Cooper    Lyn Gauntlett   Roger Matthews
Secretary   Public Relations Officer/Website    Treasurer

Grahame Morton Rob Stallard Dave Kirton Peter Williams Ron Powell
Registrar Archives Bar Manager Transport Entertainment Manager
Tony Griffiths
Graham Hughes Peter Heslop Gary Keeble Leon Jones Tony Griffiths
Librarian/Website Admin. Vice Chairman Committee Member                Fund Raising Coordinator      Cycle Club Captain/Website Admin.
 Roger Francis Mike Thurman Bob Doggett
 Committee Member/Bar  Hall Bookings  Stage Marshall
Wyn Goodwin  Chris Nolan  Alan Pearce
Bar – Non-Committee  200 Club – Non-Committee  Ticket Sales – Non Committee


One thought on “Officials”

  1. To Roger Matthews could you please send us details of how we can pay our vp contributions by direct debit or an address to send a cheque Thankyou.

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