Choir Welcomes More New Choristers

Within the past few months, the choir has been delighted to welcome four new members to the choir, top tenors Frank Wells,  Stephen Edwards, 2nd tenor Russell Woodward and baritones Craig Howells and Philip Cody. Steve and Phil joined after years of intensive persuasion and cajoling by other choristers, Phil being a long-standing vice-president and Steve and Russell as  work mates or friends of many of the choristers and dare we say locals at the pub.  They must like it because they’ve stayed.  Although known to many choristers, Frank is one of those who just decided to walk into practice to see what it was like and stayed.


Yesterday, we were thrilled that Paul Carlson and Peter Williams came along to the choir hall to listen to us.  Paul from Undy, came to the Welsh Society Open evening last Thursday and was so impressed by our singing and sociability that he decided to join. At practice he went into the back room to undergo his first voice test and emerged to join the ranks of the 2nd basses.


Peter, a retired engineering lecturer from Rogiet, came into the hall with his wife, Bridget and after chatting to the lads decided to take his voice test as well.  He emerged from the back room to the announcement by Siân that he was a top tenor.  Welcome news indeed!


The choir has recruited nine new members in the past year, including 4 top tenors (including Steve Edwards, David Price and Frank Wells) two 2nd tenors (Stefan Edwards, Russell Woodward), and two into the baritone (Phil and Craig) and one in the bass section (Paul) and we are always on the look out for more.  If you are interested, and many are, please come along to practice on any Monday or Thursday evening.  You’ll always be welcome and there’s no obligation.


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