Three generations of same family in the choir



Craig Howells has been coming to practice with his father Anthony, since he was sixteen years old, just to sit in and listen to the choir.  On reaching eighteen he plucked up the courage to try his singing talents at a voice test with Siân.  With a terrific smile on his face, he came out of the back room to the announcement that he had passed his second voice test as a baritone and is now a full bodied member of the choir.  ‘I can’t wait to do my first concert’, he announced on Facebook.  Let’s not put him in the front row, because the rest of us couldn’t see over his head.


The story doesn’t end there though.  Also in the choir is his Grandad, Owen who, now in the 2nd basses has been in the choir for a staggering 49 years and his father, Anthony who has been with us as a top tenor for about 23 years.  Can you work out who is who in the photographs and where are the Howells going to find the missing 2nd tenor in their family?


We believe that it is extremely rare to have not only one of the youngest male voice choristers in Wales in our midst, but also two other generations of the same family in our ranks.  We know mum, Teresa  is extremely proud that her son Craig, has joined us (what have you been feeding him, Teresa?).


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