New Choristers Pass Voice Tests

In the past couple of weeks, the choir is delighted that newcomers David Hennesey (Baritone), Spencer Dowse (Top tenor) and Mike Probert (2nd tenor) have all passed their first voice tests and are busy learning new pieces.  We are particularly pleased that they’ve decided to stay with us because one of the new pieces for them is Franz Schubert’s Psalm 23 in Welsh.  Not an easy baptism, is it lads?  But if you can sing this you can sing anything (well almost).


We are also very pleased that after a couple of months of intense dedication, 2nd Bass Ron Griffiths has passed his second voice test and has already performed with the choir at the wedding of Ceri Powell to Matthew Lewis at St. Mary’s Church in Caldicot.


It’s worth mentioning that no new chorister needs to complete a voice test until he is confident and happy to do so.  They’re really quite easy, though, so if you’d like to see the choir in action and check out if choir singing could be for you, please come along to any practice night on Monday or Thursday at the Choir Hall.

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