LOVIN’ IT! (Raffle Tickets)

From ‘The Libretto’ – May 2010

LOVIN’ IT!           

When I joined this choir about 18 months ago, little did I realise that not only would I learn new skills in how to warble or croak my way through Tydi y Roddaist in sort of harmony with the rest of you, meet a great bunch of blokes to knock back a few beers with, travel about a bit to obscure places on Exmoor, discover a new meaning to ‘afterglow’ and generally enjoy myself but I would also get the chance to SELL RAFFLE TICKETS at Magor Services! BRILLIANT!

Honestly, it’s great.  You get to meet loads of different people travelling to all over the place; from Blaenavon Pensioners Club off to Minehead for the day (you can always sell a few tickets to these) to couples emigrating to Australia, or going back home to Ireland, Denmark or Switzerland- never to return but they still buy a ticket.  You always get the ones who say they’re in Morriston or Pontardulais or Beaufort choirs and it’s like getting blood out of a stone. Never mind – it’s all part of the fun.

You might think I’m nuts, and you’d be right.  But I’m not the only one.  Leon rushes from work to do a couple of hours before he can go home, Have you noticed how disappointed he looks every time he asks for volunteers! Bill Thomas has been known to do four in a weekend, including back to back sessions, Roy has left his wife’s sick bed to try and flog a couple of books, Dave Scott and John Wysman can’t stay away (if he remembers the times that he put his name down for).  And they’re not the only ones who LOVE IT so much they give up a lot of time and put in a huge effort for all our benefit.

So if you’ve never taken the chance to sell a few raffle tickets at Magor Services or elsewhere then give it a go.  I feel sorry for the choristers who are working or have family commitments because they won’t have the chance, but those of us who are retired or can spare some time, should make the most of it.  Don’t let the few have all the fun, Give it a go.  I, for one will be sorry when they’re all sold and won’t be able to do it any more.

HONESTLY, would I lie to you?  Now would I?

Lyn Gauntlett (Baritone, maybe?)

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