The choir was extremely proud to take part in a Drumhead Service at Caldicot Castle on Sunday 6th May, which formed part of a weekend’s events by several re-enactment societies representing all ages and scenarios from Vikings and Celts once more battling it out on the Caldicot levels, to a reproduction of the Gunfight at the OK corral, World War II where the South Wales Borderers clashed once more with the Wehrmacht and Civil War rebels once more met their Yankee counterparts in a noisy, smoky, realistic woodland conflict.  All this in aid of Help the Heroes which has so far raised about 120 million pounds to help and support the wounded of recent conflicts.


Press Release

Jeff Willliams has once again written a splendid description of the Choir’s participation under Press Release, so I’ve just added a few photographs taken by Colleen.



Many thanks to Shirley Ann James for conducting us superbly in gusty but fine weather and to Steve Berry for accompanying us so magnificently on our new electronic piano.





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