Central Church, Torquay

As you know the organisers of the concert at the Riviera Centre, Torquay on November 19th have cancelled the event and so Ken has been busy trying to find an alternative.  He has come up with what looks like a fabulous venue;  the Central Church in Torquay.  Built in 1976 from the sale of two Methodist Churches and the demolition of the previous church on the site, its significant feature is the prominent, 30 metre tall lattice tower topped by three crosses.  The seating consists of two areas, each holding 350 people separated by a removable partition.  For further information on this church, please click on the link Central Church.




The church is at the junction of  Tor Church Road and Tor Hill Road where they form a crossroads with Abbey Road.  Behind on the right in the picture is the spire of St Mary Magdalene, close to Castle Circus. The Post Code is TQ2 5RN






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