St Mary’s Monmouth Concert

Press Release

On Saturday, 8th October, Caldicot Male Voice Choir made the comparatively short journey to the county town of Monmouth to perform in a fundraising concert for St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church. In splendid seclusion, set back slightly in the street line and sandwiched between tall, medieval terraced town houses, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary is the oldest post-reformation church in Wales.
Replete with original features dating from 1793, there cannot have been many occasions when the narrow chancel of this pristine church has surrendered to the uniformed ranks of a large male voice choir. The choir enthralled an enthusiastic audience with a comprehensive portfolio of traditional and modern classics from the world of opera and musical theatre. The programme was framed by two rousing Welsh anthems, opening with the powerful ‘Llanfair’ and closing with an emotional rendition of ‘O Gymru’.
The choir’s Musical Director, Siân Hatton guided the congregation through the evening. She beguiled her audience with recitals of Marriott Edgar’s famous monologues, ‘The Lion and Albert’ and ‘Albert’s Return’, seamlessly switching from her ‘dolce’ sweet Sirhowy lilt to broad Lancastrian mill town brogue.
At the conclusion of a very successful concert, the delighted Parish Priest, Father Nicholas James said “We are delighted to have the choir at St. Mary’s and in conjunction with the church acoustics, the choir have made a simply wonderful sound.”
Jeff Williams
Not for the Press
After the concert, many of the choir retired to the British Legion for a well deserved glass of lemonade, a packet of salt and vinegar crisps (no pies or pasties) and a rendition of  ‘Abide with Me’.  Believe it or not, I was there!  Many thanks to the Legion for the refreshments afterwards.  The afterglow was enthusiastically led by the Dawes brothers amongst others.


Left click on the images above to enlarge, then to enlarge further left click again on the new image when it appears.  The concert photos were taken by an anonymous member of the audience, many thanks. No apologies are made for the subject matter of the other photographs.





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