California Tour 1991

Do you realise that exactly 20 years ago on October 3rd, some 60 members of the choir and their families flew from Heathrow to San Francisco for a tour of California?  A few days later they were staring awestruck at the Crystal Cathedral!  Bearing in mind Tommy was younger than I am now and Siân was a mere slip of a girl (she still is)  it makes you realise how time flies and we should make the most of every moment.  I’d like to hear from any chorister who was on this trip to give me a little anecdote or story about their memories for publication on the site.  Didn’t Oggy dump some female into a fountain?  It’s interesting to think that this trip was funded and carried out a mere 4 years before the Choir Hall was built so I’m minded to reflect on the efforts our ‘older generation’ choristers must have put into their membership to achieve all this.  As we move on, can we not look back and take some inspiration from the history of this great choir and carry it forward into the future?    For more information and more pictures, please click on Memories of California




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