Shirley Anne Presents a Celebratory Cake to the Choir

Normally Caldicot Male Voice Choir gives out presentations and accolades to well deserving choristers, supporters and guest artistes but on April 29th something different and special occurred.

Assistant Musical Director for the past 17 years, Shirley Anne James decided that to mark her 60th birthday she would present the choir with a specially commissioned cake as a thank you for all the years of the choir being, to quote – ‘A real tonic to me, the choir is like my family’.

Colleen Gauntlett often volunteers to make celebratory cakes for the choir and on this occasion she was asked by Shirley Anne to make a special lemon flavoured one with a Welsh theme and as the pictures show, she was thrilled to bits with the daffodils, Welsh dragon plaque, yellow roses and all the other musical themes.

Needless to say, as always the choristers lined up to wish Shirley Anne a very happy birthday before enthusiastically devouring the cake in minutes. Once again, a very happy birthday Shirl, and thanks for the cake. Fabulous.

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