It’s Not all about Singing


Caldicot Male Voice Choir is fortunate in owning its own Choir Hall in Caldicot built in 1996 as a result of tremendous fund raising and building efforts by choristers at the time. However, it comes at a price and one of these is that it has to been cleaned, maintained and decorated on a weekly basis.  Once a year the choristers and supporters come together to spruce up the hall, perform essential maintenance task, weed the garden and repaint worn out surfaces.  There are many skills and talents beyond their incredible singing in the choir which includes painters, plumbers, electricians, floor technicians and more besides and these were applied over the weekend and beyond to make Caldicot Choir Hall the envy of all choirs that visit.

On  a gloriously sunny and warm September 15th and 16th, organised by chorister Leon Jones, a willing and able team of volunteers gave up their weekend to carry out these essential tasks which included a complete re-paint of the rear rehearsal room to a neutral two-tone grey colour scheme which despite early misgivings looks fabulous and plans are being made to decorate the enormous hall in the same colour scheme. The garden and grounds were cleared up and weeded and offices tidied up and sorted.

The supporting ladies including Music Director Sian Hatton, chairman’s wife Vanessa Nicholson, Coral Kirton, Leslie Isaacs-Penny and Jayne Richards among others not only provided copious amounts of tea and much needed refreshments but also laid their hands to painting, cleaning and giving loads of useful advice and encouragement.

Many thanks to NIcky and her team from AGS Cleaning for sprucing up the practice room carpet and bring it up to nearly new and to Danielle Wheeler and Thomas Martin of Johnstones Paints of Cwmbran who generously donated all the paint and decorating materials.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living why not consider joining a choir as a new hobby. If you live near Caldicot then look up our web sit

Many thanks to Graham Spike Hughes for posting the photos in other posts. Looks like they were taken by Leon.


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