Choir Hall Maintenance Weekend

On a bright Saturday morning the hall was opened up for the start of the maintenance plan drawn up by Leon Jones. A willing group of choristers, and choristers wives, turned out to rejuvenate the hall and carry out some essential maintenance.  As you will see from the pictures below, the committee had previously agreed to trying a new colour scheme in the small rehearsal room before progressing to the Main hall.  We think it looks great and brightens up the room, especially with the new LED lights.

Some necessary work was carried out in the beer cellar to keep the beer flowing !

The bar area, shelving and lighting had a refresh..


Meanwhile a lot of work was done on the grounds too…even in the rain !!

Our uniform room had a makeover…wow…. it looks great now !!

Floors got scrubbed…

And of course….there were tea breaks !!!!

and more tea breaks………!

Huge thank you to the ladies who provided the workforce with bacon and sausage rolls on Saturday and sandwiches and cakes on Sunday.

To all those who helped out in any way…. thank you for helping to keep the choir hall maintained and looking as good now as it did 20 years ago.  To those who couldn’t make it this time….see you next time !!

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