Choir meets Royalty at Buckingham Palace

Photos from Choir members.  Left click to enlarge.


Following on from an incredible weekend in London, which included a performance at the Royal Albert Hall, 65 members of Caldicot Male Voice Choir returned early on Tuesday 22nd May to provide Welsh choral music at Buckingham Palace by singing for Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and newly weds Prince Harry and Megan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at a Garden Party which formed the start of Prince Charles’ celebration of his 70th Birthday on November 14th.

The Prince of Wales invited over 7000 guests who represented organisations of which he is the Patron together with representatives of the Emergency Services, Medical teams and military connections of which he is the Colonel in Chief.As part of the programme which included the Band of the Welsh Guards, The National Pipe Band, The Genesis Gospel Singers, Côr y Bro, a mixed voice choir from London, Caldicot Male Voice Choir entertained the 7000 guests at 4-30pm outside the Royal tea tent, set against the lake.  The choir’s programme, conducted by Siân Hatton and Shirley Anne James and accompanied by John Nicholson and Siân included of course Cwm Rhondda, Anfonaf Angel, Llanfair, Rachie, Men of Harlech, God Bless the Prince of Wales and as a special inclusion for the honeymoon couple the choir included the romantic Everley Brothers hit, Let it Be Me.

Following our performance and a delicious round of sandwiches, cakes, tea and other treats we were delighted that Prince Charles and his wife Camilla came into the Royal tent to join us and chat to several of he choir members including Siân Hatton (that’s my husband over there said Sian) and Shirley Anne James our two musical directors. The Prince and Camilla congratulated both on the performance and noted that we had appeared at the Royal Albert Hall.  Other choristers spoken to were Andy Friedman, Roger Francis and Garry Keeble who had met the Prince at the opening of the first Severn crossing. ‘That was a long time ago’, commented the Prince.  Moving along the line the Prince and Camilla had a brief chat to a number of choristers,including David Currie, Ron Powell, David Gould, John MacArthur and Lyn Gauntlett.  Among many questions the Prince asked which sections did they sing in and thanked them for their hard work and for coming to his party.  Bass chorister Oliver Edwards was introduced to the Prince as the youngest Mayor of Caldicot Town Council and the thrilled Bill Nash was introduced as probably the oldest, active chorister in Wales at 95 years of age. On departing, the choristers conveyed their thanks for the invitation and wished Prince Charles a very happy birthday.

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