Four new 2nd tenors in as many months

Someone once said that second tenors are as rare as hen’s teeth but somehow in the past few months we have recruited no less than four.

First to join before Christmas was Ken Nurden whose movement into becoming a full member has been delayed due to surgery but nevertheless is committed to the choir.  He was followed soon after by Ron Ashton from the Bristol area who has recently moved to Caldicot.  Ron has experience of singing in English mixed choirs and we’re sure he’ll find singing in a Welsh Male Voice Choir a challenging experience.  In the last two weeks of April Richard Coles walked through the door and inspired perhaps by his late father in law, 2nd tenor John Mattia he walked into the back room to warble the scales in front of Siân and emerged to the announcement that he is also second tenor.

A week later a friend of his, Jamie Stephens also walked in, took a deep breath before taking up the same challenge and within a few minutes walked out to the announcement that he too is a second tenor. Where do they keep coming from but so glad they are. Are there any more out there?

Welcome to all four of you and we wish you a long and happy association with the choir.  Your voices as second tenors are very welcome to keep the balance of sound and your joining us is very much appreciated.  If this keeps up we’ll have to get more chairs in the rows. Small price to pay.

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