Glad I can still do this, Bill Nash.


Happy New Year to all our Choir Web site fans fans.

I am so glad that for the past five consecutive years I have reported that on January 9th it was Bill Nash’s birthday.  This time it was his 95th!

Still a stalwart of the choir for about 46 to 47 years he turns up at most practices to take his place in the front row bass section and long may this continue.

Made an honorary vice president a couple of years ago Bill still surprises us with his expert knowledge of our music and is never shy from commenting and advising when necessary.

I hope on behalf of the Choir that you had a splendid birthday and that you continue to have many more.

The photo shows Bill in his bow tie (just in case you confuse him with Karl Gregory in the polo shirt) at the afterglow following the Gala concert in September 2017.

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