Another Second Tenor joins the ranks

Earlier this week I reported that we had recruited an unprecedented two second tenors, Ken Nurden and Ron Atkins within the same week.  No one ever expected that when Rob Lane, a local resident, walked in with friend, second tenor, chorister Alyn Dawe to listen to us that he too decided to make the short journey in the break to the back room to have his voice assessed by MD Siân Hatton.  Much to everyone’s surprise he emerged, smiling to the announcement that he too was a second tenor!

Despite having to do a first half part practice of  ‘Y Tangnefeddwyr’, a difficult song to learn in Welsh, none were put off and all three stayed the course and are looking forward to next Thursday’s rehearsals.

Welcome all to the choir and we’re sure that you’ll have a long and happy time with us.

I said that finding second tenors was like finding hen’s teeth, I’m off around the local chicken coups to find some. Wish me luck.

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