Choir ranks swell with two new second tenors

On Monday September 4th 2017 the choir welcomed Ken Nurden to the Choir Hall who came along to listen to us.  Ken has been a frequent visitor to the Choir but on this visit he plucked up the courage and went into the back room, nervously like so many dozens of others to do his first voice test.  He came out smiling when Musical Director Siân announced that Ken is a second tenor!

On the following Thursday 7th September we had another visitor to the hall.  No stranger this since his son Sam is a baritone in the choir, Ron Atkins finally decided to join the choir.  Like Ken, recently before him he, with some trepidation went into the back room to do his first voice test and emerged to the announcement that he too is a second tenor.  You may often find Ron on Facebook where he is frequently filmed singing his own compositions while in the cab of his HGV (parked up). This is the second current father and son partnership in the choir, the other being top tenor Anthony Howells and his son baritone Craig Howells.

On a similar note we are probably the only Male Voice Choir to have four brothers simultaneously singing with us, Mark, John, Nigel and Nick Antell.  The latter three are all top tenors while Mark is a baritone.

Both Ken and Ron are very welcome additions to our choir since the second tenors have suffered recently in numbers due to chorister retirements and finding second tenors is like finding hen’s teeth. We are sure that both will enjoy a long and happy membership of our choir.

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