Choir Presents Terry Plummer with Award

Photograph by Colleen Gauntlett

The Choir travelled to Wimbourne St Giles, Dorset on 15th July to give a concert at the Flower Festival in the beautiful Georgian church.

At the break in proceedings the Choir was delighted to award recently retired bass chorister Terry Plummer with a Lifetime Achievement Award and the designation of Honorary Vice President.  The citation reads ‘In Grateful Recognition and Long Service to the Traditions and Values of Welsh Male Voice Choirs’ and is given only to those choristers who have made a significant contribution to the Choir over a long period.

Terry is a modest gentleman who is well loved by all our choristers. He was totally over-awed by the presentation of this fully deserved award by Musical Director, Siân Hatton in front of not only the concert audience and the choir but also in the presence of four thrilled members of his family. Terry is quoted as saying ‘I am totally overcome by this award, it is totally unexpected and I would like to thank you all.  I’m not sure I deserve it’. Yes you do. Terry has been a loyal and talented member of the bass section for about forty years before ill health made him make the reluctant decision to retire from the choir. Not only attending almost every practice and concert over this long period he has also been supportive throughout of new members in helping them meet the challenges of being in a large male choir.

Terry has been instrumental in obtaining several concerts for the choir over many years, has been a keen participant not only of these and choir tours but also of the many social events arranged by the choir.  To rapturous applause Terry gladly accepted Siân’s invitation to join in with the last item of the concert ‘O Gymru’ where he took up his once familiar position in the back row of the Bass section.  Thank you, Terry for all you have done for this Choir over many years. We look forward to seeing you at our practices and concerts.



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