Sad News to start the year

The choir is saddened on two counts so far this year.


David Scott, Bottom Bass



Firstly long standing chorister of over thirty years, bottom bass David Scott informed us that due to continuing ill health he has reluctantly decided to retire from the choir.  A native of Scotland Dave, also known as Davy or Dai, is an adopted Welshman and though diminutive in physical stature his presence and support as a chorister was huge.  Presented last year with a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award and honorary vice presidency for his services to the choir both as a loyal chorister and committee member, Davy will be sorely missed in the front row of the bottom basses.  We wish him well in his retirement and we hope to see him popping into the choir hall as often as he can.



Doug Taylor, 2nd tenor


On an even more tragic note, the choir was informed by chairman Mark Stocker that another long standing chorister of over thirty years, Doug Taylor passed away on 8th January.  Doug had suffered from illness for several years but nevertheless never let this interfere with his attendance at choir practice and concerts.  A wonderful 2nd tenor with a resounding voice and welcoming smile Doug. like so many of our choristers was a caring and loyal gentleman, well liked and respected by all who knew him.


He spent many years as a committee member and not only organised the fund raising 200 club, each week announcing the names of the winners but was also the Choir’s Welfare Officer catering for needs of choristers and their families with problems relating to the choir and sending out flowers and sympathies to those needing care and support.  He will like David, be sorely missed.  Our thoughts go out to his wife Gill and his family at this very sad  time  Rest in Peace.


On an even more poignant note, we have learned from Doug’s family that Thursday 12th January was his wife Gill’s 80th birthday which they planned to celebrate together.  Not only that but next week they would have celebrated 60 loving and caring years of marriage.  Gill was also a lifelong supporter of the choir not only in coming to many concerts but was also a committed fund raiser at many of our charity functions and social events.



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