Choir Sings at Owain and Alison’s Wedding

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On a beautiful, sunny, autumnal day, Saturday 10th October, Caldicot Male Voice Choir was delighted to sing at the wedding of chorister Gareth Thomas and his wife Davina’s son, Owain Rhodri Thomas to Alison Reeder, a charming American lady from Charleston, South Carolina in the USA, at the Baptist Church in the picturesque square in Magor.

Members of Alison’s family, including her parents Ruth Ellen and Franklin Reeder and brother Justin travelled to Magor to witness their daughter Alison marry Owain. Prior to the ceremony, the congregation and families were treated to the Choir singing from the church balcony, ‘American Trilogy’ and ‘Can’t Help Fallin’ in Love’ made famous by Elvis Presley and the popular Welsh song ‘Yfory’ which means ‘Tomorrow’.  The Choir was conducted by Musical Director Siân Hatton and accompanied by Stephen Berry.

The wedding ceremony, presided over by church minister, Rev. Linda Crebin was preceded by Justin’s reading of ‘I like you’, a humorous, but apt and poignant poem by Sandol Stoddard Warburg


I like you because
When I tell you something special,
You know it’s special,
And you remember it
A long, long time.


If you want to read more of this poem click on the link: ‘I Like You’.


During the ceremony, the choir delightfully sang ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ to the arrangement of American composer, Malotte and afterwards during the signing of the Register it sang ‘Somewhere Out There’ from the Stephen Spielberg cartoon ‘An American Tail’ and finally the Everley Brother’s ‘Let it be me’.  Including the singing of the hymn ‘Bread of Heaven’ sung to the tune ‘Cwm Rhondda’, the mix of music was certainly an American-Welsh eclectic blend which the congregation thoroughly enjoyed.


The choir’s final contribution was given by accompanist Stephen Berry’s presentation on the Church organ of the music from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ as the Bride and Groom left the Church.  Stephen commented afterwards that in fifty years of playing at weddings, this was the first time he had ever been asked to play the wedding processional music from a Nintendo video game. ‘It’s dangerous to go alone’, according to the game.


The choir would like to congratulate and wish Owain and Alison every good fortune, health and happiness in their lives together.




2 thoughts on “Choir Sings at Owain and Alison’s Wedding”

  1. As the parents of the bride, we would like to personally thank the very talented choristers of the Caldicot Male Voice Choir for not only your beautiful and inspirational music, but also for the generous and gracious giving of your time to make Owain and Alison’s wedding extra special. We speak for the rest of our family and friends who came from America who all agreed that your lovely music put an already beautiful ceremony “over the top”!
    We were privileged to have you with us, and want to extend our sincerest thanks!!
    Ruth and Frank Reeder
    (Also, in view of making return trips to Wales, we hope we could one day attend one of your concerts!) 🙂

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments Frank and Ruth. They are very much appreciated. We were also privileged to have been invited to sing at Owain and Alison’s wedding. I’m sure Owain’s father, Gareth will keep you informed of all our concerts and we’d love to see you at one of them. Any time you return to Wales, please call in at our hall to see us practice and to meet more of us.

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