Four new choristers sing at Oakford Concert


Photograph by Colleen Gauntlett.  Left click on the image to enlarge.


The Choir is continuing to recruit new members to its ranks and we are pleased to record that in 2013 and 2014 we recruited 24 new members and to date in 2015 another five.  In that time a few older members have retired or passed away, others have moved away to work and just a few decided that the choir was not for them, but nevertheless the membership eligible to sing in concerts is now a remarkable 85.  The oldest being spring chicken of 93 years, Bill Nash and the youngest being twenty one year old Craig Howells, nineteen year old Liam Evans and his friend nineteen year old Sam Atkins.


Remarkably four of those joining this year have passed their voice tests and at the small village church of St Peter’s Church in Oakford, Devon they made their début appearance with 50 other choristers in front of an audience of over 120.  This must have been a nerve racking and daunting experience for baritones Sam Atkins and Liam Evans, nineteen year olds from Undy, Harry Giblin and second tenor Rob Baldwin (ages undisclosed) but they came through it with flying colours and in tune.


It is not easy being a new chorister and to stand alongside singers who’ve been doing it for years, we all know is terrifying but all of us have been impressed by your commitment to the hard work necessary to sing in our choir.  Well done to all of you.  We look forward to you joining us in the Gala concert on September 5th.


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