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From ‘The Libretto’ – August 2011

Our new web-site has been up and running for a few weeks now and is still very much in its infancy.  Tony Griffiths and Graham ‘Spike’ Hughes have worked extremely hard and done a tremendous job in setting this up and it is now ready for your input (forgive the computer jargon). In addition to Spike and Tony, Lyn Gauntlett has also been volunteered onto the web-site Administration Team.

We can advertise events, tell stories, write biographies and histories, play our music, show an art or photo gallery, link to other web-sites, even open a shop – the list is almost endless.

Our web-site is slightly different in that it is also a ‘Blog’ site.  This means that anyone can make their own comments and suggestions, leave messages and express opinions in the Comments boxes.  Obviously rules will apply to content because the site is open to everyone in the world.

For this to succeed as an impressive web-site that will not only be informative but also inspire more to take an interest in us, we need continuous support from all involved with the choir; from the musical team, choristers, vice-presidents and supporters.  So if you have any ideas of what you’d like on the site, or would like to give us an article or photograph or relate an experience from the past, then please let one of us (Tony, Spike or Lyn) know.  Everything will be considered.  It is your web-site – so please use it.

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