Craving Choristers Collectively Consume Colleen’s Creative Christmas Cake!!!


Not only does Colleen Gauntlett often take photographs of the choir during its concerts and other activities for the web site and newspapers, it’s become the custom for her to try out her celebration cake designs on the choristers (who can forget the cake displays made for the 50th Anniversary) and on Monday 16th December at practice, the choir was delighted to taste her latest creation.


Featuring a lazy Santa and Rudolph having a quick nap before going out on a frosty night, they are surrounded by a host of special gifts, Christmas crackers, mince pies and a carrot for Rudolph.  However, Christmas was ruined for them by the choristers of Caldicot Male Voice Choir eating them all before they could get started!  Christmas is therefore cancelled this year!  Only joking!  Santa, Rudolph and all the other bits were safely packed away for the grandchildren of two choristers to look after so Christmas is back on!  Hooray!


The 12 inch fruit cake, generously laced with Cointreau and Brandy was cut up by Colleen and husband Lyn and shared out to the eagerly waiting 65 choristers and musical team with more than enough for many choristers to take home to their wives (so they said).  It’s amazing that after many hours of work in the creation, it was devoured within minutes! Ha! Ha!


Many thanks were expressed by Chairman, Mark Stocker and all the other choristers to Colleen for her generous contribution and for the support she gives the choir.

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