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Huge Progress on Choir Hall Extension

After intensive work by volunteers and others the extension is nearing completion. The roof is on, tiled and insulated. Ceilings have been installed and plastered by choristers Paul Thomas and Gary Smith and it’s just waiting for electrics to be installed, painting to be done and the frames and doors to be installed.
Following an appeal by chorister and project leader Leon Jones for funding to finally finish the project, an amazing £500 approximately has been pledged or donated by members of the choir. This shows amazing support for the Choir while it is unable to perform or practice during the pandemic restrictions.
If you would like to part of this wonderful group of people please contact us through Facebook, the web site or speak to someone you know is in the Choir. You will be made very welcome as soon as we get back together again.

Roof is on
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Choir receives generous donation from local company

In the past month there has been a tremendous amount of work done to the extension of Caldicot Choir Hall such that the building is now waterproof and is waiting for delivery of the tiles.

None of this would have been possible without the almost non-stop work of chorister Leon Jones who has not only from start to finish, managed the project, secured materials and funds from sponsors and carried out much of the work himself including labouring for the bricklayer Mark Shepherd, carpenter Andrew Little and roofers Shane and Lee Jeremiah.

Leon’s latest endeavour has been to secure a generous donation by Tim Williams of Cymru Plant Services Ltd of Caldicot of £2000 to help with the building fund. This together with other donations of labour, equipment materials, services and skills, not least that of chorister Mike Williams who designed the building extension and helped to secure planning permission, have enabled this essential project to near completion.

The photographs include the presentation of the cheque by Tim Williams to representatives of the Choir; chairman John Nicholson; architect Mike Williams; secretary Kenneth Cooper and Vice-chairman Leon Jones. Tim was pleased to receive a letter of thanks, a choir CD and a commemorative Choir tie as symbols of the Choir’s appreciation.

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Rogiet War Memorial Vandalised Yet Again

In October 2018 Caldicot Male Voice Choir was honoured and privileged to be invited to sing ‘Mansions of the Lord’ at the inauguration and dedication of the new War Memorial in Rogiet Recreational field. The Choir was conducted by Shirley Anne James and accompanied by John Nicholson. The service of dedication was conducted by Rev. Glyndwr Hackett.

Every chorister, along with many others will be saddened and distraught to learn that the exquisite and poignant Memorial, designed by then Rogiet Primary School pupil Teya Andrews and created by artist Felicity Bell has been cruelly vandalised once more by mindless individuals on Sunday 18th October. The adjoining Multi Use Games Area, which benefits all in the village was also seriously vandalised.

Do the perpetrators of this shameful act not realise that the memorial was erected to remember those from Rogiet who gave the ultimate sacrifice in two World Wars so that we can enjoy freedom from tyranny today?

Do they not realise that those who fell were the fathers, uncles, grand parents and great grand parents of many who still live in the village? The beautiful, simple Memorial is intended to keep alive the memory of loved ones who so tragically died in such tragic times.

There is a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat as I write this to think that there are individuals in our society who are capable of such a moronic, selfish act. You may not be caught, you may laugh, you may even be proud of this shameful deed and boast about what you’ve done but one day and I hope it will be soon, that you will be ashamed of what you did last Sunday.

You may have broken a few tiles in the mosaic which can be be replaced but you have also broken the hearts of many who made this Memorial possible and these will not so easily be mended. Shame is not a strong enough word.

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Fabulous support for Hall Extension Build

Fabulous support from the Grassroots section of the South Wales Argus again to print another article about Caldicot Male Voice Choir this week. The photos were taken by Vice-chairman Leon Jones, who is managing the extension project, spending many hours overseeing the building work and carrying out much of the work himself. They show the recent progression of the building work on the hall extension.

The write up is an edited version of that previously posted on the Choir’s and on local Community Facebook pages. I would dearly love to write an article about us returning to singing again though. Keep following the Choir in the meantime though.

Thanks to South Wales Argus Grassroots for publishing

The collage shows Matthew Hooper and Ben Olerenshaw of HLM Scaffolding; choristers John Nicholson, Ken Cooper, Mark Antell, Peter Williams, Leon Jones and Chris Richards taking delivery of the roof timbers; Darren Leach, Neville Stocking, Carl Vale and coordinator Georgie Davies of Griffiths Construction with choristers; Vice chairman, Leon Jones, Secretary Ken Cooper and Chairman John Nicholson and finally, bricklayer Mark Shepherd looked on by his brother, chorister Tony.

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Scaffolding erected on extension build

Thanks to Matthew Hooper and Ben Olerenshaw for their generous offer to supply materials and erect scaffolding to allow work on the extension of Caldicot Choir Hall to continue. HLM Scaffolding are one of sponsors of the Caldicot Male Voice Choir during the extension build.

Great work in the pouring rain this weekend. Much appreciated. Photos by Leon Jones.

The Choir would also like to thank Griffiths Civil Construction, Crown Hill Topsoil and Aggregates, Premier Forest Products of Newport and bricklayer, Mark Shepherd for their tremendous support and sponsorship.

If you think you can help to support our project then please get in touch via the web site Contacts page. It would be greatly appreciated. Caldicot Male Voice Choir is a registered charity.

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Birdie Boys in the paper again

My report of the Golf Day at Llanwern Golf Club to raise funds for the Wales Air Ambulance was published in Grassroots section of the South Wales Argus yesterday. Over £400 was raised on the day. Well done all the ‘Birdie Boys’ of Caldicot Male Voice Choir. The photos show choristers Maurice Penny, Robert Stallard, Dave Gould, John Nicholson, Karl Gregory, Andy McDonnell, Stephen Davies, Anthony Griffiths, Ron Powell and David Hennesey as well as the lady supporters.

Apologies to other choristers Tony Howells, Paul Thomas, Bob Brown and Peter Hanks for not including them in the photos. Not enough room sorry.

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Bill Nash shows off his D M Davies Award with his family

Because of Corona Virus restrictions it wasn’t possible to present the D M Davis Choir of Jackson, Ohio USA awards made to our oldest chorister, 97 year old Bill Nash with Caldicot Male Voice Choir present.

These awards were sent to Bill in Bristol and Lyn asked if photographs could be taken with his family. His daughter, Jane Buckland sent him these yesterday and he thought you might like this one.

Others in the photos are his wife Eileen, daughter Jane, his son Andrew, another daughter Sharon and Ian, Jane’s husband. Bill is recovering from shingles and its good to see him looking well. Very best wishes from all of us at Caldicot Male Voice Choir and we hope to be able to see you soon.

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Blood donor session at the Choir Hall

Caldicot Male Voice Choir has always supported local and national charities but this year it has been particularly difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However it is able to enable the hall to be used for the Welsh Blood Transfusion Service and its next session will be on September 2nd at the hall. This will be followed by a session in Chepstow on September 11th. The posters say it all.

All precautions will be taken to protect you from any possible contamination be the virus during these sessions so please try to make one of them.

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Crownhill Topsoil donates material for Choir Hall extension build

The new extension at the Caldicot Choir Hall is now underway and is thankful to Griffiths Civil Construction for starting it off by digging out the foundation trench and filling it with concrete. As soon as they have the resources the firm will build the blockwork up to DPC level and lay the base flooring,

In addition the Choir is grateful to Simon Stone at Crownhill Topsoil and Aggregates based at Caerwent who, after discussions with vice chairman Leon Jones donated and delivered 3 tons of sand to the hall on Monday 17th August.

The Choir is a registered charity which in normal years raises thousands of pounds for charities and good causes locally and nationally but the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 virus means that this year our events programme has not been possible.

The closure of the hall has also imposed many issues financially and although able to maintain the Hall the choir is not able to raise sufficient funds to progress the building work as quickly as we would like.

The Choir would welcome any donation or contribution to this project whether by labour or material donation. Please get in touch if you can.

PS The Leisure centre has let us have 2 parking spaces and Griffiths Civil Construction has supplied fencing and supports. Signage to follow. Thanks Leon Jones for organising.

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